There are no workshops scheduled until further notice.

Below is a complete list of workshops offered by the New School of Lace.
These projects can be also incorporated in weekly class instruction. Some of them are available in Pattern&Tutorial format for lacemakers who cannot participate in the New School of Lace classes and workshops in Ocean Park, Surrey, Canada.

Bobbin Lace in Wire

#xx Fibre to Wire Conversion

#0 Wire Lace for Beginners- Earrings

#1 It’s OK to be a Snail!

#2 Two hearts are more than one

#3 Spring Growth – Leaves and Flowers

#4 Victorian Black Lace

#5 Art of Paisley 

#6 Falling Leaves

#7 Christmas Ornament in Bobbin Lace

#8 Sparkle!

#9 Chicken Egg Stand

#10 May Flowers

#11 “Butterflies”

#12 TesseLace Pendant

#14 Hummingbird

#15 Bookworm Bookmark

#16 Snowflake

#17 Punto de España Pendant

#18 Spring Meadow Egg Stand

#19 Old Tree – in Fibre and Wire

#20 Copper Beech Leaf

#21 Star Magic

#22 Sparkle!

#23 Spring Ribbon

#24 Dragonfly

Needle Lace in Wire

#1 Flower Pot Sampler

#2 Christmas Ornament in Needle Lace

#3 Sparkle! Pendant

#4 Egg decorations

 Needle Lace Jewellery in Wire

#1 Needle Lace Jewellery – copper

#2 Needle Lace Jewellery – Stainless Steel

#3 Needle Lace Jewellery – Silver

#4  Needle Lace Jewellery – Spring blossoms

#5 “Moon Song – Needle Lace Jewellery”

#6 “Sparkle!” Earrings

 Bobbin Lace in Fibre

#1 Lacemaking for Weavers

Information and registration:

Email Lenka at:  laceaway  at  gmail  dot  com

2 Comments on “Workshops

  1. Buenas noches, le hablo desde Granada, España.
    Estoy interesada en los cuadernos de los cursos que imparte en su escuela.
    No consigo dar con el enlace para su compra.
    Podría indicarme, Gracias.


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