Needle Lace in Wire #4















Workshop: “Wire Lace Easter Egg”

Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017
Time: 9:30am – 5pm
Location: FibresWest 2017 Cloverdale Exhibition Grounds, Surrey, BC
Course and materials fee:  $145 + $6


Easter egg decoration has a long tradition in European festivals that celebrate arrival of spring.
Many techniques were developed to create beautiful, colourful eggs, and wire lace with beads is one of them. It is suitable for complete beginners, and is an excellent introduction to working with wire. Students learn how to manipulate wire to create even curves and tension simple stitches, how to add beads and finish the egg with a loop. Wire wrapping technique is very simple to learn, but can be expanded and developed into quite complex patterns, if desired.

Pre-requisite: none

Instruction will cover: introduction to working with wire, button hole stitch, adding beads, finishing

Class project: Decorated egg

Jeweller’s cutters and fine nose pliers helpful

Material: enamelled copper wire 0.3mm (AWG28), colourful seed beads, styrofoam egg, plastic egg or hollowed out egg shell.


FibresWest 2017 registration now open.

Please register early  to secure your seat in this class.

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