Bobbin Lace in Wire

#0 Wire Lace for Beginners- Earrings
      Scheduled: May 28, 2017

#1 It’s OK to be a Snail!
      Scheduled: TBA

#2 Two hearts are more than one
      Scheduled: February 2017

#3 Spring Growth – Leaves and Flowers
      Scheduled: TBA

#4 Victorian Black Lace

#5 Art of Paisley 

#6 Falling Leaves
      Scheduled: October 2017

#7 Christmas Ornament in Bobbin Lace
      Scheduled: November 2017

#8 Sparkle!
     Scheduled: January 2018

#9 Chicken Egg Stand
     Scheduled: TBA

#10 May Flowers
   Scheduled: May 28, 2017

#11 “Butterflies”
 Scheduled: TBA

#12 TesseLace Pendant
Scheduled: TBA

#14 Hummingbird
Scheduled: July 29, 2017

#15 Canadian Maple Leaf 

Needle Lace in Wire

#1 Flower Pot Sampler
      Scheduled: to be announced

#2 Christmas Ornament in Needle Lace
     Scheduled: November 13, 2016

#3 Sparkle!
     Scheduled: January 2017

#4 Egg decorations
     Scheduled: March 18, 2017 at FibresWest

 Needle Lace Jewellery in Wire

#1 Needle Lace Jewellery – copper
      Scheduled: TBA

#2 Needle Lace Jewellery – Stainless Steel
      Scheduled: TBA

#3 Needle Lace Jewellery – Silver
   Scheduled: TBA

#4  Needle Lace Jewellery – Spring blossoms
     Scheduled: April 22, 2017, Textile Centre at Surrey Museum

#5 “Moon Song – Needle Lace Jewellery”
     Scheduled: TBA

 Bobbin Lace in Fibre

‘Lacemaking for Weavers’
Scheduled: TBA

Information and registration:

Call Lenka at 778.288.0720  or e-mail  laceaway  at  gmail  dot  com

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