lace | heart | art challenge

Welcome to the 2nd lace|heart|art exhibition!

April 18, 2019
Prizes were send to the winners in 8 countries on 4 continents. We can truly say that lace|heart|art International Challenge is reaching lacemakers all over the world!

We look forward to seeing what they will make with those beautiful threads (from Barkonie) and wires (Wire Lace Supplies).

April 8, 2019

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd lace|heart|art online exhibition of handmade bobbin lace in colour is open.
Welcome and enjoy!

April 4, 2019:
The 2nd lace|heart|art international challenge entries were juried and the winning hearts have been selected.

Here is a preview of prizes, provided by Barkonie s.r.o. (Czech Republic) and Wire Lace Supplies (Canada) for our winners :

2nd lace|heart|art winners will be announced, and the online exhibition will open, on April 8, 2019.

lace|heart|art team

February 15, 2019
The 2nd lace|heart|art International Challenge is now closed.
Thank you for your wonderful lace|heart|art challenge entries! We look forward to producing our second online show. We will keep you updated about the progress 🙂

lace|heart|art team

2nd lace|heart|art Challenge and Online Exhibition of Handmade Bobbin Lace in Colour

Proudly sponsored by Barkonie, s.r.o, Czech Republic and Wire Lace Supplies, Canada

In 2019 edition, the theme of the giving heart is symbolized with a bouquet of flowers.
Simple lace tape outlines the heart shape, flowers grow from the bottom of the heart and blossom with love. They are wrapped with a bow and offered as a present to the rest of the world, with joy and gratitude for creativity, lace and life. 

While the simple heart outline is provided, the blossoms are open to creative interpretation. We invite all lacemakers to fill the pattern with colours and textures, and create a truly original flower arrangement. Simple or elaborate, we will accept all heart bouquets, and include them in our celebration.

Read about the 2nd lace|hear|art Challenge here and download the free pattern with instructions here. The instruction is provided for fibre as well as wire media. We encourage everybody to try both materials and explore their potential in colours.

If you have not participated in the previous edition, please visit lace|heart|art Online Exhibition 2018 for inspiration and  more information about the Challenge.

We are looking forward to receiving your lace|heart|art #2 entries before February 14th, 2019!

lace|heart|art team
Wendy MacKinnon, Lenka Suchanek, Pat Wrigley
Surrey, BC, Canada



14 Comments on “lace | heart | art challenge

  1. Thank you Lenka to give us this oportunity. It`s a pleasure to participate on this loving memory


    • Thank you, Olimpia. I am very happy that the lace|heart|art challenge inspired you to create a unique heart art. I believe that handmade lace is so delicate that it can carry subtle healing energy often better than words… Yours and other lace|hearth|art entries prove it.


  2. I”m a teacher in Idrija Lace School (Slovenija). I work with childrans in school. In the evening I work with adults. We saport your lace/hart/art challenge. Our lace grup will take the healing challeng and we are happy to be with you in the big world of lace.
    Thank you Aleksandra


    • That’s wonderful,Aleksandra, thank you very much for your response and your interest in the lace | heart | art challenge.

      We look forward to receiving your entries, especially in the Young Lacemakers category.

      With kind regards,
      lace | heart | art team


  3. This is a wonderful homage to a person that seems to have been an amazing human being….and it takes another great human being to think about it…..


    • Thank you, Cathy. It makes us very happy to see the positive response in the world lace community 🙂


  4. This is a very nice tribute!
    I lost my 20 year old daughter to cancer.
    I understand the void.


  5. What a wonderful and touching tribute to friendship and love. I will be sharing this with my lace group and hope that we can all dedicate our lace to our own dear ones and carry this healing grace to as many people as possible. Thank you for this lovely opportunity.


    • Thank you very much, Evid, for receiving our message! That is exactly what we wish – that Barb’s Heart will inspire lacemakers to express their love, and through the language of lace and art, share positive, healing energy. We look forward to seeing your lace|heart|art 😌
      If you or anybody in your lace group has any questions about the challenge project, please do let us know.


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