1st Online Exhibition 2018

We are honoured to open the 1st lace | heart | art International Online Exhibition of Handmade Bobbin Lace in Colour, and to announce winners of the lace | heart | art  challenge 2018.

One year ago, we shared Story of Barb’s Heart with lacemakers around the world and invited everybody to take part in our challenge and create original lace | heart | art filled with colours and love.

The initial response was overwhelming and we are grateful to all lacemakers who responded to our call, expressed their support and shared the news with their friends and other lacemakers.

When the first entries started to come in, we realized what great potential the lace | heart | art challenge has tapped into. The arriving hearts were exceeding our expectations in every way. They were truly original, inspired, and very beautiful.

By the deadline, we accepted 58 entries from 10 countries on 3 continents. Lacemakers of all ages and skill levels participated, mostly in fibre lace and a few in wire lace. All lacemakers fulfilled the proposition of the challenge to focus on creative use of colours, In their hands, the simple heart pattern was transformed into original art, affirming the exceptional creative potential of bobbin lace in colour.

Every heart conveyed joy and love, so reminiscent of Barb’s spirit, and delivered it in such precious and delicate way, that only handmade lace is able to accomplish.

With so many good entries, the selection process was much harder than we anticipated. In order to reflect the high quality of submissions we added honourable mentions in Fibre and Young Lacemakers categories.

We wish to thank all of you who participated in the lace | heart | art challenge, and to congratulate 2018 winners. We really appreciate your talent, effort and enthusiasm, and most of all, your creativity and love of lace.

Your lace|heart|art has made this world more beautiful!

On April 8, 2018, Barbara would be 31 years old. We know that she would be as delighted as we are to see the lace | heart | art project coming to fruition.

We welcome everybody to enjoy the 1st online exhibition, and to receive and share all love and joy it carries.


  • FIRST PRIZE          Neža Pelhan (b.1994), Slovenia
  • SECOND PRIZE     Martina Podobnik (b.1988), Slovenia
  • THIRD PRIZE        Lana Šuligoj (b.2005), Slovenia
  • HONOURABLE MENTION    Children from Smetanova Elementary School in Přelouč, Czech Republic:
                                                                 Daniel Procházka (b.2009), Jana Kysilková (b. 2006), Nikola Vítková (b.2006)

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  • GRAND PRIZE      Lindy de Wijn, Australia
  • FIRST PRIZE         Donna Leong, Canada
  • SECOND PRIZE   Jane Fulmann, United Kingdom
  • THIRD PRIZE      Angela Kikuchi, Canada


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  • GRAND PRIZE     Rufi Fernandez Pacheco Del Castillo, Spain
  • FIRST PRIZE        Mireille Basiez, France
  • SECOND PRIZE   Dawn Borror, United States
  • THIRD PRIZE       Zanna Antonova, Australia

  • HONOURABLE MENTION    Eva Hermannová, Czech Republic
  • HONOURABLE MENTION    Iva Fialová, Czech Republic
  • HONOURABLE MENTION    Ilona Kryštofová, Czech Republic


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Story of Barb’s Heart

Barbara and her mom, Pat, were among the first students who signed up for Adult Bobbin Lace course offered by the New School of Lace, back in 2014. Barb was the youngest in the class, and she came in with youthful energy and an open mind, eager to learn… read the whole story here

lace|heart|art Challenge 2018

If you feel inspired by the wonderful heart art in this exhibition, you can still make your own. In the 1st lace|heart|art Challenge prospectus, you will find all information, including a free heart pattern, working diagrams and other support materials. Download the pattern, prepare your pricking, select the colours you love, and have a go!

5 Comments on “1st Online Exhibition 2018

  1. j’espère que cela va donner envie de faire ce coeur maintenant que l’on peut voir toutes les créations. Merci pour cette initiative à renouveler bien sûr.


  2. Such an wonderful online challenge and exhibition. I loved seeing such creativity and use of colour. Thanks so much for this opportunity. Such an honour to be part of this and I feel very blessed to have achieved so well. My daughter asked to have the piece framed in her room and it has re-sparked her interest in lace.


  3. Bravo à toutes les dentellières pour ces magnifiques ouvrages . Vous avez fait preuve de beaucoup d’ imagination et de talent.
    Félicitations particulières à mon amie, Mireille.


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