“Are We Made of Lace?”
handmade bobbin lace in enamelled copper wire
76cm x 114cm


Lenka Suchanek is a self-taught lacemaker and lace designer.

She works in the centuries old European techniques of handmade bobbin lace and needle lace, bringing them to life in pictures, sculptures and wearable art. Specializing in metal lace, she uses fine wires of copper, bronze, steel, and precious metals to create unique pieces that are traditional and modern at the same time. Lenka’s work has been exhibited around the world, and received awards and recognition for the original approach to the traditional craft.

 “Seeing the world through lace is perceiving the delicate, the subtle and the beautiful.”

After many years of exploring, learning and mastering lacemaking techniques, Lenka still feels as a disciple:

“The more I learn the more I understand and appreciate the depth of knowledge, breadth of skill and height of artistic expression of the past lacemakers. With an utmost respect, I am following in their footsteps , carrying on the tradition of transcending time in pursuit of beauty.”

This website features Lenka’s lace work, completed pieces as well as work in progress. It is designed and maintained with a goal to promote interest in the traditional lacemaking techniques and to revive the art of appreciation of fine crafts. Internet can provide all the information we need, but only human hands and hearts can keep the lace truly alive.

handmade lace

“Process of making lace by hand is fascinating – flowing with the rhythm of clicking bobbins, letting one’s hands feel a minute tension of the weave, seeing complex shapes and patterns grow in front of the eyes. It is a simple creative process, yet it can lead to a lifetime path of self-discovery.”

Watch Lenka’s interview with Dave Gerry at Telus Community Programming TV (2011)


Lenka’s lace studio is located in Vancouver, Canada.
She participates in international lace events, whenever possible.
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