New School of Lace was established in 2014 in community of South Surrey, British Columbia. Main goal of the school is to promote interest in traditional craft of handmade lace through teaching, lecturing and exhibiting lace art. Word ‘new’ in the school’s name refers not only to the event of spreading five hundred years old European craft to the New World, but also points out unique potential of lacemaking to evolve and open new horizons for creative activity.

School’s founder Lenka Suchanek – lacemaker, lace artist and lace teacher – has devoted more than thirty years to preserving fine craft of handmade lace and is passionate about keeping lacemaking alive in families and communities, for generations to come. She envision fine craft of lace as a part of modern life, capable to carry on the Renaissance ideal of  beauty and harmony.

School’s goal to contribute to wellbeing of a sustainable community is reflected in the programs that fulfill current needs, inspire possibilities and create potential for future.

4 Comments on “About

  1. Hi there
    I live on Vancouver Island, North Duncan.
    I do belong to a group of ladies who meet
    Once a month to Lacemake. Mostly they are learning themselves and rely on each other for guidance.I am looking for a class with some teaching nearby, and as yet I have been unable to find a class. Do you know of any nearby?


    • Hi Lola,
      I am not sure if there are any lacemaking teachers on the Island. If so, the ladies from Denman and District Lace Club would know.


  2. I live in Courtenay and have bags and bags salvaged antique lace. They need a home. Some of it is ordinary cotton crochet but I believe that I have linen and silk bobbin lace and tatting also. Any ideas of what I can do with it and who may want it? It’s extraordinary beautiful.


    • Hello Dianne,
      Thank you for your inquiry.
      There is a lace club in your area – Denman and District Lace Club – which has been active for 100 years. I am sure that the current club members will be thrilled to view your lace collection, and answer your questions. I will send you their contact in separate email.


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