2nd Challenge – 2019

  1. About  the 2nd lace|heart|art Challenge
  2. Download prospectus
  3. Preparing Your Entry
  4. Selection Process
  5. Prizes
  6. Challenge and Exhibition Guidelines
  7. Submission Guidelines
  8. Disclaimer / Legal
  9. Help
  10. Support

About 2nd lace|heart|art challenge

In the second edition, we offer one pattern that can be worked in fibre as well as wire medium. Our Heart design is open to interpretation, and lacemakers are encouraged to fill the given pattern with colours of their choice. The lace|heart|art pattern #2 features a simple tape outline, and a bouquet of flowers is open to creative interpretation.

The flowers grow from the bottom of the heart, and are offered as a bouquet, wrapped with a bow. What is your favourite lace flower? What colours represent joy for you? Let your love guide you and inspire your unique lace art design!

Download the Pattern and Working Instructions

Free pattern with working diagrams and instructions is available here:

🇬🇧 2nd lace|heart|art challenge – complete kit

This .pdf can be downloaded and printed. It contains all information you will need to work the lace|heart|art pattern #2.  Feel free to share the materials with your lace friends. We want the 2nd lace|heart|art challenge  to reach as many lacemakers as possible!

Preparing Your Entry

Once your lace is finished, choose the best background for it to be displayed and photographed on. Try several colours, before choosing the best match. Because this is an online exhibition which will be juried from photographs, it is important that your photos are of the best possible quality.

Please do not alter the images of your lace. No photoshopping! We prefer seeing your mistakes (as they are part of lace) rather than attempts to hide them digitally.
You can submit only one work in each category:
one fibre lace and one wire lace entry (maximum two entries in total) per person.
Submit your images by e-mailing them to: lace.heart.art@gmail.com

Submission deadline is on Thursday, February 14, 2019

We will contact you by e-mail to confirm that we received your application. Please add lace.heart.art@gmail.com to your contacts (safe senders list) to ensure notifications are received.

Selection Process

While a technical aspect is important in bobbin lace, the prime focus of the of the lace|heart|art challenge will be on creative use of colours, originality and artistic merit. Judges will consider harmony between material, colour and form, and its effectiveness in shaping and delivering idea of the open, giving heart.
Three judges will make a selection and award prizes. Their decision is final.
If the volume of entries doesn’t exceed available time, we will make an effort to share their feedback and comments with you.


Prizes will be awarded separately in wire lace and fibre lace categories, and all entries will be entered in a competition for the Grand Prize for Creative Interpretation.
Young lacemakers (30 years or younger in 2019) are strongly encouraged to participate, regardless of their skill level. Their entries will be judged separately in Young Lacemaker category.

Winners will be announced, and online exhibition opened on April 8, 2019 here:


Photos of selected works featured in the online exhibition will be credited with lacemaker’s name and country.


1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in Wire Lace
1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in Fibre Lace
Grand Prize for Creative Interpretation

Young lacemakers – 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in Wire Lace
Young lacemakers  – 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in Fibre Lace
Young Lacemakers – Grand Prize for Creative Interpretation

Challenge  Guidelines

  1. lace | heart | art challenge is open to all lacemakers.
  2. There is no entry fee.
  3. One entry per person per category (maximum 2 entries per person – one in Fibre, and one in Wire Category)
  4. Young lacemaker must be 30 years or younger in year 2019 (born in 1989 or later)
  5. Lacemakers must use the lace|heart|art #2 pattern.
  6. Lace must be handmade by the entrant.
  7. Pricking and working diagrams are provided for both fibre and wire medium.
  8. Lacemakers choose colours, and may add more stitches and design elements, according to their skills.
  9. Pricking size may be adjusted to fit the medium.
  10. One photo of the work and two photos of a detail must be provided for each entry.
  11. Works will be judged from the photos.
  12. Images of selected works will be used for the online exhibition. Actual works don’t need to be sent.
  13. Judging will be by a panel of 3 judges; their decision is final.

Submission Guidelines

  1. All entries to be emailed by the end of Thursday, February 14, 2019 (Pacific Standard Time) to lace.heart.art@gmail.com
  2. One overall image of the work, and two detail images are required for each entry
  3. Images must be in jpg. format, each not exceeding 3MB in size.
  4. Images may not be digitally altered (improved by photoshop or other image editing program).
  5. Images must be titled with entrant’s name. Here is an example:EvaKral1.jpg, EvaKral2.jpg and EvaKral3.jpg
  6. If the work is photographed by another person, provide her/his name for a credit.
  7. Send all three images together in one e-mail to lace.heart.art@gmail.com
  8. In the same the e-mail, include following information:
    • Your Name
    • Your Country
    • Your Year of Birth (only if you are entering in Young Lacemaker Category)
    • Materials used for making your lace|heart|art
    • Size of the pricking (if you adjusted the original size)
  9. We will contact you by e-mail to confirm that we received your application. Please add lace.heart.art@gmail.com to your contacts (safe senders list) to ensure notifications are received.
  10. We reserve the right to resize/crop the images to fit the format of our online exhibition.

Disclaimer / Legal

By submitting an entry the lacemaker acknowledges that she/he is the creator of the entered work, and that the photographs truthfully represent the work
By submitting an entry the lacemaker acknowledges that her/his entry will be available for long term viewing (with credit visible) as a photo in the lace|heart|art online exhibition, hosted on this website

By submitting, the lacemaker does hereby acknowledge and agree to all show rules as listed in this prospectus.  The entrant waives, releases, and discharges the New School of Lace, its staff and volunteers or agents, and any exhibition jurors, if applicable, from any and all actions, suits, damages, claims, and demands whatsoever for any damage to art and/or personal liability.

Help for the 2nd lace|heart|at challenge

For additional help visit Help for 2nd Challenge page.



If you would  like to support the lace|heart|art challenge, we would really appreciate it.
Your donation will make a difference! It will help us to promote the contest online and in print, provide support to participants, and eventually, offer real prizes to the winners 🙂

PayPal or Credit Cards accepted.

Thank you for your interest and support!

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