Weekly Classes

There are no classes  scheduled until further notice.

Days and times :  to be announced
Location: Ocean Park, South Surrey, BC
Format: 6-weeks course with one 2.5hrs (or 2hrs) session per week. Some homework is recommended between the weekly sessions.
Small class size (3 students) allows focused, hands-on instruction with individual support for each lacemaker, so everybody can learn at their pace. Despite the classes being intensive and thorough, the atmosphere in the studio is relaxed, and we do have a lot of creative fun together.

The weekly classes are held in my studio and scheduling is therefore flexible. Dates and times are listed below, but I can accommodate other days as well, as long as there are 3 people who agree on the same schedule. Please do let me know your availability and I will see if I can co-ordinate with others to open a new class.

$300 per  6-weeks course  (15 hrs at hourly rate of $20/hr) morning and afternoon class
$240 per  6-weeks course  (12 hrs at hourly rate of $20/hr) evening class class

Tools for beginners:
All lacemaking tools are provided. Beginner’s kit for wire bobbin lace is  $75, beginner’s kit for fibre lace is $175

Materials :
All instruction printed materials are included in the tuition. Materials for beginners are included in the tool kit. Other specialty materials (lacemaking thread, lacemaking wire, bobbins, pins, etc.) are available for purchase in the studio.


BOBBIN LACE IN FIBRE  – Level I – Introduction
Tools:  beginner’s kit (block lacemaking pillow and 24 Belgian bobbins) will be supplied by New School of Lace for $175.00, or bring your own

BOBBIN LACE IN FIBRE  – Level I – Torchon Lace Level
Tools: Beginners kit from the previous course (block lacemaking pillow and 24 Belgian bobbins)

BOBBIN LACE IN WIRE – Level I – Introduction
Tools: beginners kit (student lacemaking pillow and 12 bobbins for wire) will be available for $75.00

NEEDLE LACE IN WIRE – Level I – Introduction
Tools:  beginners kit (student lacemaking pillow + accessories) or available for $39

NEEDLE LACE JEWELLERY – Level I – Introduction
Tools: bring your own or beginners kit (student lacemaking pillow, cover cloth, pins) available for $36.00


BOBBIN LACE in FIBRE – your choice

BOBBIN LACE in WIRE – your choice

NEEDLE LACE  in WIRE- your choice


Tools: bring your own, or choose from pillows and bobbins offered by the New School of Lace

Information and registration:

Call Lenka at 778.288.0720  or e-mail  laceaway  at  gmail  dot  com

ocean park promo 

Regular weekly classes started on Oct. 2nd, 2014, in the Ocean Park Community Hall

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