Needle Lace Jewellery #5

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“Moon Song

Date: Sunday, July 10, 2016
Time: 10:30am – 5:30pm
Location: Ocean Park Community Hall, 1577 128 Street, Surrey, BC

Course and materials fee: $120 + $5 – 10 (depending on material)

Pre-requisite: previous experience with wire needle lace or wire wrapping is helpful but not necessary

Instruction covers: buttonhole stitch variations, adding beads, finishing as pendant

Moon has always attracted poetic souls of artists and artisans, inspiring them to refine their skills in order to express moon’s elusive beauty. And there is no better technique for that than handmade lace – especially needle lace in fine silver wire. This workshop brings together simple buttonhole stitch variations to create a fine filigree, and various beading techniques to add a gentle shine to the moon. While the building steps are quite simple, suitable even for beginners, it is their combination that makes this design unique and visually effective.

Join us for a creative one day workshop, and treat yourself with a special moon pendant, a perfect jewellery to wear on warm summer nights…


  • lacemaking bolster or small cookie pillow. Student pillow will be available for class project and/or purchase ($29)
  • jeweller’s pliers: round nose, flat nose, wire clippers
  • some generic pins, with and without glass heads
  • paper and pencil for note taking

Please let me know in advance if you need to borrow or buy any tools.

Information and registration:

Contact Lenka at  778 . 288 . 0720  or by e-mail at  laceaway  at  gmail  dot  com
Please send a request and I will e-mail  registration form to you.

Payment method:  Cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX

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