NEW : Wire Lace Supplies and Patterns

Lenka’s Wire Lace Supplies shop on Etsy caters to the needs of adventurous lacemakers, spirited artists, passionate jewellers and one-of-a-kind fashion designers. If you are inspired to learn making bobbin and needle lace with wire, you need good tools and good materials to make your effort worthwhile. And that is exactly what the shop strives to provide – specialized lacemaking bobbins, pillows and accessories, and high grade wires for lace art, sculpture and jewellery.

Wire Lace SuppliesNEW: New School of Lace PATTERNS and TUTORIALS for WIRE LACE
Designed and written by Lenka Suchanek
“Wire Lacework: Lenka’s Introduction to Bobbin Lace in Wire”
Handmade bobbin lace is a rare textile technique that accommodates fibre as well as metal medium. Most lacemakers are familiar with the prevalent fibre form. This manual endeavours to introduce a lesser known wire lace techniques to a wider audience.





Pattern & Tutorial #001 – Flower Earrings
Introduction to  following techniques: Plaits (braids), picots, windmill crossings, joining plaits, finishing.

These are essential building blocks for plaited laces (also called braided laces), and guipures, such as Cluny, Maltese or Bedfordshire lace.

Required Bobbin Lace Skills :  Familiarity with Cross and Twist






 Pattern & Tutorial #002 – Half Stitch Leaff
Introduction to Half stitch weave.
Half stitch is an essential building block in wire lace. Wire effectively supports open half stitch weave, showing off the pattern intricacy. An effect of flowing diagonal and horizontal lines plays out especially well in colours.

Required Bobbin Lace Skills :  Familiarity with Cross and Twist






Pattern & Tutorial #003 – Seedlings
Introduction to  following techniques: Leaf tallies; joining leaves to plaits; working with colours; fnishing.
Wire is a wonderful material for tally making. It is easy to use, shapes and holds well and creates three-dimensional, attractive tallies. The tallies made in wire are also perfectly stable, and unlike fibre tallies, do not distort in the weaving process or after. Therefore, the leaf tallies are very popular in wire lace and are implemented in many patterns and lace jewellery designs. SEEDLING PENDANT shows simple but effective use of leaf tallies. This pendant is very popular with nature lovers and people with green thumbs, so be prepared to make more than one!
Watch your seedlings to grow, and grow with them… organically.
Have fun making the Earth greener and more beautiful!

Required Bobbin Lace Skills :  Familiarity with Cross and Twist
Extra long

WIRE for lacemaking:

Enamelled Copper
Metallic Colours Finish Copper
Stainless Steel

Happy shopping and happy lacemaking!

6 Comments on “NEW : Wire Lace Supplies and Patterns

  1. Your patterns are wonderful. They are very clear and the photo are a real plus. When are B003 and B004 patterns going to be released. Please let me know.


  2. Hallo Lenka, Please can I buy the pattern of the wire chicken with egg?


    • Hello,
      The Chicken pattern did not make it on time, so it will be probably released before Easter 2018


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