Lacemaking for Weavers

Workshop: ‘Lacemaking for Weavers’ at  FIBRES WEST

Location: TBA

Date: Spring 2016?
Workshop code:
Materials fee: 

Skill level: Beginner

Bobbin lace is an off-loom weaving technique that uses just two moves (cross and twist) to create endless variety of open, transparent patterns. This workshop introduces lacemaking tools, basic stitches and simple lace patterns. It is designed for weavers as an invitation to the delicate world of lace. 

Tools: Lacemaking kit (block lacemaking pillow with cover cloth, 24 Belgian bobbins, pins) will be provided for each student for use in class at no cost; kits will be available for purchase after the class for $150.00

Information and registration: TBA

lacemaking for weaversDescription:
This workshop will take the participants five hundred years back in time, to the beginnings of bobbin lace, when textile artisans were experimenting with new methods of open decorative weave. The first designs were quite simple, based on geometrical grid and constructed from simple braids, yet they already offered a variety of imaginative patterns. Early Renaissance designs are excellent for beginners – a good starting point to learn the basic stitches and understand lace construction. The class project will open door to the world of lace for weavers, who can find there an endless inspiration for fringes, edgings, trims and inserts for finishing and embellishing handwoven articles.

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