Offering to the Tree of Life



Title: Offering to the Tree of Life

Artists: Colin Hamilton and Lenka Suchanek

Material:  cedar driftwood frame, bronze and copper lace, serpentine beads
Techniques: hand split cedar with traditional joinery; handmade bobbin lace in metal
Size: 70 x 42 x 10 cm

This artwork was created for West Coast Synergies: fibre + wood + metal
– a collaborative exhibition celebrating the Canadian Year of Craft 2015


Colin and Lenka met this year, because they were both ready to explore new aspects of their craft disciplines: Colin is drawn to making sculptures, which would reveal the natural beauty he perceives in the cedar driftwood. Lenka is seeking to restore connection between lace patterns and nature, which has been all but lost. Although coming from different directions and disciplines, both artisans share a common ground – love and dedication to their craft. They both prefer to express themselves through creative work rather then words, therefore their written statement is simple:

“Inspired by the tree of life, we are looking into the heart of nature’s beauty with the ‘Offering’. Pure and natural, following the grain, following the pattern, to understanding and harmony – a gift for all of us.”

This artwork is in a private collection.

Copyright©2015-16 Lenka Suchanek. All rights reserved.

3 Comments on “Offering to the Tree of Life

  1. Oh, lenka it is incredibly beautiful work of art. Amazing!!!


  2. Emociona ver en que forma tan simple y profunda a la vez, se ha interpretado un concepto tan movilizante, como lo es
    El Árbol de La Vida.
    Causa placer el contemplar la obra, una y otra vez…..
    Gracias por compartir y Felicitaciones!!!

    Tree of life:
    Its thrilling to see in this simple and profound way, how such an important concept has been interpreted. The tree of life. It is pleasurable to admire this work again and again….thank you for sharing…..and congratulations.
    (Thank you for the translation, Isabel)


  3. The Offering, Is a beautiful work showing how two different styles of craft and materials can come together. Wonderful ! ! !


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