New School of Lace – WORKSHOP SCHEDULE Winter/Spring 2016

January 17

“Sparkle!”  Free form needle lace in wire with crystals. Beginners/Intermediate  (Ocean Park, BC)

February 14

Two Hearts Are more than One”  New design on the original theme. Bobbin lace in wire. Intermediate level (Ocean Park, BC)

March 13

“The Chicken or the Egg?”  Traditional Easter theme in wire lace. Egg decoration – needle lace in wire for beginners. Chickens – bobbin lace in wire – intermediate level.  (Ocean Park, BC)

March 18-19 – Fibres West

“Wire Lace for Beginners” First earrings. Bobbin lace for complete beginners (Surrey, BC)

April 4-6 – Lace Getaway

Workshop or talk – details TBA – Vancouver Island, BC

April 10

“Rite of Spring” Flowers and birds in wire bobbin lace – Beginners/Intermediate level (Ocean Park, BC)

May 7

“Moon Song” Pendant (Ocean Park, BC)

June – details TBA

“Lace Done Well” End of Year Workshop and Exhibition  (Ocean Park, BC)

Workshops in Ocean Park Community Hall (Surrey, BC) are on Sundays, from 10:30am to 5:30pm. Fee is $120 plus $5-10 for materials, depending on the workshop project. Lacemaking tools for beginners are provided for each student for use in the class, and are available for purchase after the workshop.

Save the dates not to miss any of the creative lace adventures in 2016!

To receive updates and all information about classes and workshops, follow this blog or add Schedule of 2016 Workshops to your favourite pages or  Follow New School of Lace on Facebook   

New School of Lace

2016 Courses and Weekly Classes open on demand:

  • Bobbbin Lace in Fiber
  • Bobbin Lace in Wire
  • Needle Lace in Wire
  • Needle Lace Jewellery
  • Lace Design

Please contact us at
laceaway  at  gmail  com

Happy lacemaking !

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