Spooky All Hallows’ Eve 2020

It’s been lonely in my lace studio lately – the only soul that has kept me a company was my dear friend, the Lace Maiden, who has been with me for twenty years and shared many of my lace adventures. When the local health authorities suggested a physically distant Hallowe’en celebration, I did not have to look far for my substitute. To make the best from the situation, I decided to send the Mysterious Maiden to greet the kids and oversee the fair distribution of candies. The masked figurine has a strange presence that never fails to surprise people (and dogs!) … especially on clear autumn night when breeze is gently moving her black veil and the full moon illuminates the silhouette of a creature that could seemingly move between the worlds of the living and the dead… It would be a shame to skip the popular spooky night because of not so popular spooky virus… and it’s never a bad idea to add some lace art to the favourite neighbourhood events 😉 Cheers to a chilling All Hallows Eve!

“Oh My Love”

When men open their hearts to love
they become alive
When they create from that love
they become immortal

Oh my love for the first time in my life
My eyes are wide open
Oh my love for the first time in my life
My eyes can see

I see the wind, oh I see the trees
Everything is clear in my heart
I see the clouds, oh I see the sky
Everything is clear in our world

Oh my love for the first time in my life
My mind is wide open
Oh my lover for the first time in my life
My mind can feel

I feel sorrow, oh I feel dreams
Everything is clear in my heart
I feel life, oh I feel love
Everything is clear in our world

John Lennon 1971

Just released: Butterfly Pendant

I am happy to introduce a new pattern & tutorial (P&T#14) :

Pattern & Tutorial #14 – Butterfly Pendant combines handmade bobbin lace tape pattern with beading and wire wrapping techniques to create delicate lace jewellery. In the pattern, an ornamental 4-pair tape supported by a gimp outline folds into delicate filigree wings. Body is made of thicker wire with beads. Therefore, the butterfly perches perfectly between two fine crafts – lacemaking and jewellery making. If you are interested in either of them, or both, this pattern is for you!

Included in the tutorial : 

  • Pricking
  • Bobbin winding instructions
  • 2 Working diagrams
  • 60 photos of work in progress
  • Detailed step-by-step instruction
  • 10 photos of four design variations
  • Safety rules for working with wire

Required Bobbin Lace Skills : Familiarity with half stitch, braid and gimp work

Required Wire Lace Skills :
• Basic skills of handling wire, winding bobbins, dealing with kinks and breaks (see “Wire Lacework}
• Plait (see Basics #001 – Flower Earrings)
• Half Stitch (see Basics #002 – Half Stitch Leaf)
• Gimp (see Basics #004 – Snail)

Because of many materials required for the Butterfly Pendant, I decided to offer DIY Kit for P&T#14 Butterfly Pendant (sold separately) to make the start easier. 

The kit is available in four colours and each of them has carefully selected materials for making two pendants. 

Once you know how the pattern works, I am sure that you will be able to design your own lace Lepidoptera species in colours of your choice!

The Butterfly Pendant pattern requires, besides the fine wire for lace, also thicker wires for gimp and for finishing. Those sizes are now also available in my shop : 

Craft Wire Set is available in four sizes: gauge 20, 22, 24 or 26 
Each set contains 12 spools of copper wire in assorted colours. Silver plated layer under coloured enamel results in brilliant, non-tarnish colours. They compliment the fine lacemaking wires and together they offer many mixing and matching options for a great variety of colourful butterflies.

I hope that you will find the new pattern interesting and inspiring to give it a try. And if you do, that you will enjoy your time with the lace butterflies as much as I do. Their magic never fails to lighten and brighten my day.