Spooky All Hallows’ Eve 2020

It’s been lonely in my lace studio lately – the only soul that has kept me a company was my dear friend, the Lace Maiden, who has been with me for twenty years and shared many of my lace adventures. When the local health authorities suggested a physically distant Hallowe’en celebration, I did not have to look far for my substitute. To make the best from the situation, I decided to send the Mysterious Maiden to greet the kids and oversee the fair distribution of candies. The masked figurine has a strange presence that never fails to surprise people (and dogs!) … especially on clear autumn night when breeze is gently moving her black veil and the full moon illuminates the silhouette of a creature that could seemingly move between the worlds of the living and the dead… It would be a shame to skip the popular spooky night because of not so popular spooky virus… and it’s never a bad idea to add some lace art to the favourite neighbourhood events 😉 Cheers to a chilling All Hallows Eve!

3 Comments on “Spooky All Hallows’ Eve 2020

  1. Unique, beautiful, eye-catching Halloween masked figurine.


  2. Eres genial, tanto en lo que haces, como en lo que dices. Te admiro!!!!

    You are great, both in what you do, and in what you say. I admire you!!!!


    • Thank you, Maria! What I do and say and share would be nothing if there was nobody to receive it. I admire you, too, for being open and communicating your love for lace and art.

      ¡Gracias, María! Lo que hago, digo y comparto no sería nada si no hubiera nadie para recibirlo. Yo también te admiro por ser abierto y comunicar tu amor por el encaje y el arte.


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