Christmas SALE December 2 – 22, 2020

In this very unusual year my lace studio wouldn’t have survived without online sales, and I am grateful for every order that I was able to fulfill. I have always preferred live lace events – classes, workshops, exhibitions, artisan markets – because I really enjoy connecting with people and sharing my passion for lace with them. Maintaining online presence is rather difficult for me, since I am not very technically minded, and besides that I do not like to spent time away from my lacemaking pillow. But this year my laborious effort paid off and it really helped me to to stay connected with many of you. 

As a humble token of appreciation I am offering 10% discount Christmas Sale in both of my shops, Wire Lace Supplies and Way of Lace

Thank you for your support and for keeping the fine craft of handmade lace alive. 

Happy lacemaking to all,


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