Spring Sale 2021

Traditional spring cleaning in the garden and home is good to freshen things up and make space for the new growth. In my Wire Lace Supplies shop it is no exception, especially when it brings some good deals to all creative, wire loving lacemakers.

All old style medium bobbins are on sale at 50% discount, while quantities lasts. (There were only a few old style large bobbins left, and they are already sold out.) They are being replaced by the new Lenka’s Medium Bobbin for Wire Lace, which can be used for medium as well as large size projects. 

The new Medium bobbins and their sisters, Fine bobbins, are manufactured by Jan De Maertelaere BV in Belgium, which means great quality and great prices for both bobbins!

Lenka’s new Medium Bobbin for Wire Lace – introduced in 2021

During the pandemic chaos, many regular supply chains were disrupted. It unexpectedly influenced even fine craft supplies. As some items for my wire lace tool kits were not available, I had to search all over the world to find replacements. Finally, I am happy to re-list the improved tool kits for wire lace: each kit now comes with two crochet hooks, one for single wire and the other for double wire, and with a better quality bamboo nudge tool.

Prices of many components went up, but thanks to lower cost of the bobbins, the kit prices remain the same, and therefore affordable for many lacemakers.

Hopefully there will be no more surprises with stocking the Wire Lace Supplies shop, and we all will be able to get what we need for creative spring lacemaking projects. 

Student Kit for Wire Lace with Fine Bobbins

Wires in all colours are in stock. I added one new listing for an odd colour: Almost Black, available in limited quantity. Its shade of deep purple brown, almost black, is quite beautiful and would look great if used for the Old Wise Tree – alone, or blended with other colours. 

Rising prices of copper ore as well shipping costs will likely push up the prices of the wires this year, so buying the material now would save you money in the long run. 

Limited quantity offer: Almost Black colour of copper wire

If you are looking for spring ideas in wire lace, the Seedlings, Chicken Egg Stand and Spring Garden Patterns are on sale : 

For other inspiration, a walk in awakening nature can present enough ideas for wire lace pictures, sculptures and wearable art for the whole spring season, and beyond…

Let’s welcome the fresh spring energy and allow it to rejuvenate our lives, and our lacemaking practice!


Introducing Lenka’s new medium bobbin for wire lace

New Medium Bobbins arrived!

I am happy to introduce a new medium bobbin for wire lace, which completes my lifelong pursuit of specialized tools for lacemaking with wire.

Lenka’s Medium Bobbin for Wire Lace

The new bobbin was designed from scratch in my studio (Copyright©2021 Lenka Suchanek. All rights reserved.) They are manufactured by Jan De Maertelaere BV, whose products are known for high quality, durability and beauty. It is a priviledge to have my bobbins made in Belgium, one of the cradles of bobbin lace art, by a manufacturer of such great tradition and repute.

The new bobbin replaces the old style medium and large bobbins. Its size and design is capable of supporting different projects, from small to medium to large, worked on a various lacemaking pillows.

As a versitile, all-around tool the new medium bobbin can be used for both working styles – palms down as well as palms up technique. Slim, smooth bobbins fit well in hands, and are easy to handle.

Soft elastic that fits perfectly in the head groove holds the wound wire gently but firmly, and allows for easy release of wire during work.

The medium bobbins work well with a single wire or two-ply in size 0.2mm (AWG 32) in copper, bronze or steel. They accommodate thicker wires as well, or multi-plied gimps.

Domed head and pointed end make a good fit for most traditional winders.

Pointed end is specifically designed for efficient sewings that in complex designs save time and material.

Sewing with pointed end is easy

The standard medium bobbin is made from hard maple. Other woods are available upon request as a custom order.

Lenka’s Medium Bobbins in hard maple. Manufactured by Jan De Maertelaere, BV, Belgium

Lenka’s Medium Bobbin for Wire Lace is a big sister to Fine Bobbin.
Because they now come from the same manufacturer, the price of both have been substantially reduced.

Lenka’s Fine and Medium Bobbins for Wire Lace are available for sale exclusively in my Wire Lace Supplies online shop.

To minimize shipping costs, duties and taxes, and reduce the environmental impact of my wire lace enterprise, European customers will be able to buy the bobbins directly from Jan De Maertelaere webshop. Announcement coming soon!

I look forward to working with my new bobbins on many lace projects. It’s a spring time, after all, and the fresh energy is finding ways to manifest love and beauty. And I don’t know any better way than through delicate lace art.

Happy Spring time, Happy lace time!