Old Wise Tree in Galicia, Spain

An Old Wise Tree has grown in Spain. It is so nice to see the first interpretation of the theme from a country with such long and rich lacemaking tradition. Over the centuries, Spanish lace has introduced many original designs featuring bold patterns, colours and textures. Fine craft of lace is still very much alive in the country, and highly skilled Spanish lacemakers are still producing amazing lace works.

Thanks to Lucia Combarro Mouriño, the first Spanish Old Wise Tree comes from Galicia. 
As part of Green Spain region, Galicia is graced by green forests, lush meadows, and fertile farmland. Lucia’s tree reveals its origins beautifully. Combination of cotton threads in earth and olive tones transforms the simple torchon ground into an intricate pattern, and subtle metallic accent enhances the overall impression of freshness and liveliness. This Old Tree looks not only wise, but also very healthy! Just one look below the surface explains its secret: a spectacular root system, robust and vigorous (and very artistic), supports the growth and supplies ample nourishment to the whole plant. What perfect harmony of nature at work!

Congratulation, Lucia, and thank you for sharing your artwork. It is a wonderful addition to our growing forest of Old Wise Trees.

The Free Old Wise Tree Pattern and Tutorial was published on this website on January 16th, 2021.
As of today – March 6th, 2023 –

  • the page has been viewed 8219 times
  • 1612 visitors downloaded the pricking
  • 21 artworks from 5 countries have been submitted to be exhibited in the Old Wise Tree Gallery

A big Thank You to all participating lacemakers!

Maybe there are more lace trees out there? If you created your own, I would like to hear from you. 

All lacemakers who create their original Old Wise Trees based on the free pattern are welcome to submit their lace art to the Old Wise Tree GALLERY!

Please consider reaching out by sending a photo of your tree with following information to this email address: 


Your Name + City / Country + Materials used + Pricking size (if different than the original 100%)
+ Optional: Notes (any specific information you would like to add)


Disclaimer: By submitting the photo/s and requested information you agree that your work will be displayed in the Old Wise Tree Gallery hosted on this website.


Happy lacemaking and old wise tree growing,


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