Old Wise Trees in Australia

In January I published the free Old Wise Tree Pattern and Tutorial here and invited lacemakers around the world to find insptiration in it. I thought that sharing one of my first original lace designs online would be a felicitous way to celebrate my fortieth year in lace craft, especially in time when I could not teach any lacemaking classes. 

The first group that contacted me was the Western Australia Branch of the Australian Lace Guild, asking for permission to re-print the pattern in their newsletter. I was more than happy to agreee, because I like to support lace magazines. They have played important role in keeping lacemaking alive and accesible to generations of lacemakers, particularly in countries without long lacemaking tradition. Nine months later, I was thrilled to recieve an update from the WA Branch, with results of the group’s lacemaking challenge. The photos revealed beautiful trees, skilfully executed and rich in originality – each tree representing a truly unique interpretation of the theme. Just like the real trees are shaped by the soil, water and air they grow from, the lace trees carry the imprints of the lacemaker’s hands, mind and soul….

Thank you, Gillian, for organizing the challenge, and all lacemakers who participated in the event.  Your lace art shows that handmade lace craft is alive and well in Western Australia.

What a wonderful tribute to bobbin lace and creativity!

Some of the lacemakers agreed to exhibit their works in the Old Wise Tree Gallery, which now displays seventeen original lace works from three countries. 

Perhaps more lacemakers will join as well. I would like to ensure everybody that the lace trees do not have to be perfect. Indeed, absolutely perfect trees are rare and that’s exactly the beauty of nature – it just is as it is, content with being and living according to the natural cycle. 

May this perspective inspire our enjoyment in lace, and life…

I invite you to visit the Old Wise Tree Gallery and see the growing collection of delightful lace trees!

One Comment on “Old Wise Trees in Australia

  1. Moving ever closer to a global forest gallery – fantastic! Always enchanted to see what grows from the talented hands of lacemakers around the world.

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