Christmas Sale starts early this year

The annual Christmas sale in my both Etsy shops – Wire Lace Supplies  and Way of Lace  – starts on November 17th, 2021.

It is earlier that usual, to make your shopping for Christmas gifts easier and the postal workers at least a little bit happier. Their work is still very stressful as they are trying to comply with all pandemic regulations and overcome the unprecedented disruptions in air and ocean transportation. While I find it frustrating when an occasional package does not get delivered on time, or is returned to me for no good reason, I have a lot of compassion for people who have to deal with impossible situations at work every day. 

While it’s much quieter in my lace studio, things don’t happen easily, either. As a result of the supply chain disruptions, material sourcing has become quite adventurous, especially for the tool kits that contain a lot of parts. Who knew that finding a little box for pins can be so much fun? Or that fine crochet hooks can simply disappear from the surface of the earth? Well, now I know, so I am quite proud to announce that there are eight complete wire lace kits with medium bobbins in stock at this moment! Wires of all colours are back, after a huge scare when I just kept thinking, what would we all do if we lose the only source of wires suitable for fine lacework?  Meanwhile, fine bobbins are still on back order, and if all goes well they will leave Belgium soon and might still arrive in time for this sale.  

It’s been a difficult year for me and other artisans and small businesses, and it is almost a miracle that I am still here and able to keep the tradition of the annual Christmas lace sale. And determined to do my best to overcome all challenges and get the tools, materials, patterns and some original lace art to you. Because I believe that creativity must and will prevail.

Happy shopping to lacemakers who need some wire lace supplies and to lace connoisseurs who need some unique gifts.  And happy lacemaking to you all!

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