December Solstice 2021

Celebrating the Sun today… the amazing hot ball that is dashing with a tremendous speed through the vast space, dragging our wobbly planet (with us, the equally wobbly inhabitants) along the way. Provided that the sun will keep supplying all energy for our needs, we have a chance to grow and evolve until we are able to understand and appreciate the true scale of the cosmic miracle.

Let’s enjoy the ride and use the new energy for something good and creative!

4 Comments on “December Solstice 2021

  1. Your creativity has no limit! Hi Lenka. Lovely to see some of your work again!! Happy holidays and new year!


    • Hi Antje,
      Thank you for your comment. I feel it is not much of a work, not in the traditional sense… but rather an idea and a wish for creativity to overcome all obstacles.
      Cheers to the new year!


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