Fiber and Lace: Artists Call

Calling all Metro Vancouver bobbin lace makers who would like to present a piece in the Langley Art’s Council’s – Art in Found Spaces: Fiber and Lace Show. The exhibition will run from September 19th  until October 2nd. This will be held at the Langley Civic center (Township of Langley City Hall). All works must be hung and no greater than 16”x20”. This space can hold up to 20-24 works of art, we may be able to include more if there are many smaller works, or if we utilize the upper floors. Mixed media, fiber lace, bobbin lace, anything goes, as long as it is lace based. I would like to showcase the amazing work and talent of our local lace makers. Many people aren’t aware of hand made lace, and we can change that!

Please include a write on your piece complete with how long this piece took you (estimates are fine), how long you have been practicing for, and the inspiration of your piece. Also, please include what you used (fiber, wire, paint, photography, glass, etc.) and if this piece is for sale. All works must be submitted by August 31, 2018 to Sybille. Please contact her via email at  kisssyb  at gmail dot com, or through New School of Lace at  laceaway  at  gmail  dot  com.

After our exhibition, The Langley Arts Council will have their annual fundraiser November to December called Incognito. This would be a fine opportunity for us to support the organization that supports  fiber and lace art! Any type of work can be submitted as long as it is 10”x10” and 1.5” wide. Another great place to show off your amazing lace talents. All pieces are sold for $50 with $25 going to the artist and $25 going to the Arts Council. All work must be unsigned as it’s Incognito. Once the piece is sold, the buyer will find out the artist’s name and can request a signature. Please contact the Langley Arts Council for more information and to submit your work. Submission date TBA.

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