New School of Lace Newsletter – Autumn 2017

The Harvest Moon is here to signal change of seasons, and remind us to slow down, reflect and align with the natural cycle.

There are many things to enjoy in the fall, and creative lacemaking is one of them!

New School of Lace is ready to support you and help you to learn new things, improve your skills and apply it all in a creative process of handmade lace.

Check the workshops and  classes below, and see if any of them, or our Patterns&Tutorial publications, can satisfy your autumnal lacemaking aspirations:


The ongoing weekly classes  The first course is ending soon, and the next course starts in the second week in November. Weekly classes are ideal  for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced lacemakers, in both mediums, fibre or wire lace. As with every fine craft, weekly sessions work really well, and deliver fast results. Small class size (3 students) allows focused, hands-on instruction with individual support for each lacemaker, where every lacemaker can learn at her own pace and with the most efficient learning style. Despite the classes being intensive and thorough, the atmosphere in the studio is relaxed, and we do have a lot of creative fun together.

For beginners:
Bobbin Lace in Fibre: Level I – IntroductionLevel I – Torchon Lace
Bobbin Lace in Wire: Level I – Introduction, Level I – Plaited Lace, Level I – Jewellery

For more experienced lacemakers, individualized study of a chosen lace/material/topic are offered to accommodate advanced students’ needs.
Weekly classes are held in my studio, and scheduling is therefore flexible. Current dates and times are listed here, but I can accommodate other days as well, as long as there are 3 people who agree on the same schedule. Please let me know your interest and availability and I will see if I can co-ordinate with other beginners to open a new class.

Only one workshop is planned before the end of this year, and it is not to be missed:

Snowflake design for wire lace has been a long time overdue, and it is finally coming this year! The workshop will explore traditional Venetian Lace technique applied to the natural geometry of frozen water. The Snowflakes can be used as decorations for windows, Christmas trees or a Christmas dinner table. They can also be framed in a bangle for the Lace Bangle Exchange, or in any other special gift idea.

Join us  and bring a sparkle into your lace!
Date: Saturday, November 25, 2017, 10:30am -5:30pm, in Ocean Park Community Hall, Surrey, BC.
This workshop is open to lacemakers of all level skills.

If you have any questions about the classes and workshops, and to register, please contact us by e-mail at  laceaway  at  gmail dot com, or by phone at 778 . 288 . 0720

Please register early, registration deadline is on November 3rd!

WIRE LACE PATTERNS  are here for those of you  who cannot come to the workshops. These two patterns are perfect for the fall season:

Half Stitch Leaf: Magic of a Half Stitch Weave in Colours
Leaves happen naturally, and can be made in many colours, as according to Mother Nature’s demonstrations.

Seedlings: Leaf Tallies in WireSeedlings can be converted to apples, by a simple substitution of the focal bead, and those easy to made pendants make wonderful Thanksgiving gifts.


Need help with wire lace?  Check out Wire Lacework: Lenka’s Introduction for Bobbin Lace in Wire!


  • Lenka’s Fine Bobbins for Wire Lace are almost sold out. A new batch is on its way  and will be restocked in my Wire Lace Supplies shop on Etsy in November. Also, brand new Fine Bobbins in rosewood are coming soon!
  • The most popular, Lenka’s Medium Bobbins for Wire Lace, are now available in 2 styles: Medium Bobbin with Pointed End and Medium Bobbin with Cut End. Check them out and stock now for the creative fall season.
  • Lacemaking pillows are in stock: Round cookie pillows from 16 – 22″ inches in diameter, 20″x16″ 3-block rectangle and 20″x20″ 4-block, in a price range $105-145. Practical and inexpensive student /travel pillow are available for $29. I do not list the pillows in my etsy shop yet, so please contact me via e-mail if you need one (or two :).


If you have not heard about the  lace|heart|art – 1st International Challenge and Online Exhibition of Handmade Lace in Colour,  visit our website find out all about it!

Since launching our new project on May 14th, we have received a huge response from the international lace community, and the first entries already arrived! The free Heart pattern for fibre and wire lace has been printed, and the challenge promoted, in the Spanish magazine Vuelta y Cruz (Twist and Cross), in the Australian Lace Magazine, and in the current issue of the Canadian Lace Gazette!

Please set aside time to participate in the challenge and make your lace|heart|art! The pattern is not complicated, so it should be accessible event to beginners, yet it leaves enough space for experienced lacemakers to show off their technical and design skills! Get inspired and create you lace art in the shape of your heart!

We are trying to reach the most lacemakers possible, so please share the info with all your lace friends (the instructions are now also available in Spanish (thanks to a generous Vancouver lacemaker) and in German (thanks to an online lace friend, Birgit Wulf) all over the world.

Stay connected: follow  Lace.Heart.Art facebook page, or our  lace|heart|art blog and feel free to ask, if you have nay questions about this project!


Visit the Canadian Lacemaker Gazette website to find out about Canada Project 150!, get your special edition Canada Pin and do not forget to register in the Canada Registry of Lacemakers! 140 lacemakers registered so far, but we know there is more of us!


If you have any questions about the workshops, and/or to register, please contact us by e-mail at laceaway  @  gmail  dot com or by phone at 778 . 288 . 0720

Happy fall and happy lacemaking!

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