Fully stocked!



Wire Lace Supplies shop on Etsy now offers bobbins, kits, accessories and wires for handmade lace.

Newly listed: enamelled copper wire in 25+ colours, stainless steel wire in two gauges and bronze wire.

Visit and  get inspired! If you would like to get an introduction to lacemaking with wire – and if you can come to Ocean Park, BC – the workshop Wire Lace for Beginners is scheduled on Sunday, Sept. 27th!

35-Cu-complete set1

Wire Lace Supplies shop caters to the needs of adventurous lacemakers, spirited artists, passionate jewellers and one-of-a-kind fashion designers worldwide… please visit and spread the word!

3 Comments on “Fully stocked!

  1. If you are interested in purchasing this wire I say buy with confidence. I have used Lenka’s wire for several projects. From Bobbin Lace and Needle Lace to Wire Wrapping Jewelry pieces. The colors of the wire lend well to pairings with brass, copper, and silver wire. I was a purist who did Wire Wrapping projects in only copper or silver. Have fun adding a color to compliment your cabochon. I took the plunge and have received many compliments on the results!


    • Thank you, Karen, I appreciate your feedback. Knowing that you are an experienced lacemaker, it is great to hear that this wire inspired you to include colour and explore its possibilities in original lace design. I look forward seeing the new pieces!
      Regarding mixing enamelled copper wires with raw copper, bronze and silver – these metals, when untreated, will naturally tarnish and will need to be cleaned once in the while. Gentle, non-abrasive cleaning methods will not harm enamelled copper wires, and therefore it is possible to pair them with tarnishing wires.


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