Ocean Collection … just because it is summer!

Ocean Collection

Ocean Collection

New needle lace Ocean Collection  of amulet pendants is inspired by ever changing appearance of the Ocean Park Beach.
Every morning is different as sky and water blend in mix of colours and shades and give the beach unique mood and purpose for each day.

Ocean Park Beach

Ocean Park Beach

I feel tremendous awe contemplating the endless variations that had graced this shore for millions of years and I am deeply grateful for each moment that I can be present to witness this natural wonder.

Ocean Collection is tiny offering to immensely huge Pacific Ocean and calm, receptive shores of the Turtle Island.

Ocean Collection Amulet Pendants are made in various materials – silver, enamelled copper, stainless steel and gold plated copper, with semiprecious stones.

Needle Lace Amulet Pendants are miniature pictures that capture a moment in time. They happen spontaneously, without planning or drafting, imagination triggered by a feeling rather than an idea. Needle lace technique supports instinctive flow of work beautifully, allowing free movement of threads in the frame-defined space. Lace is made from very fine wire – copper, silver, gold or stainless steel – and is built slowly, one stitch at the time.

Copyright©2014 Lenka Suchanek. All rights reserved.

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