TesseLace Pendants

New TesseLace Pendants Collection is a unique creation in the world of lace as well as the world of jewellery. It has been designed with using a groundbreaking TesseLace program by Veronika Irvine, and made  by hand in a traditional bobbin lace technique. The TesseLace TSL1 Pendant is based on a TesseLace grid 6x6_3 and explores the pattern interpretation in two colours.

A hybrid between traditional and contemporary, fibre and metal, lace and jewellery, TesseLace Pendants create category of their own and bring an excitement back into wearable lace art.

The TesseLace Pendant Collection as a tiny window into the magical world of lace. The square frame defines an area of focus, which is filled with intriguing pattern. The lace weave, created with very fine threads, exhibits lightness and delicacy unequalled in jewellery design. Its transparency works well with various background colours, an therefore offers many styling combinations.

Variations A, B, C, D and E  are made from fibre, metal and crystal materials, which give the design very unique look and feel: black enamelled copper wire produces a body; stainless steel provides strength to the open lace weave; black pure silk contributes depth and softness; gold plated copper enriches with a precious detail; crystal beads and/or gold plated beads add highlights. All materials working together create a balanced sacred geometry pattern.

The TesseLace pendants connect the past and the future, and remind us to live in the present with awareness and appreciation.

I love to create these pendants. They represent the essence of lace design: a simple pattern can be worked in many variations by changing stitches and thread colours. As a result, each pendant is the same but different. This creative process is very interesting and rewarding for the designer, and it shows in the finished pieces. They carry the sense of wonder, and bring delight to discerning viewers and wearable art lovers.

These unique pendants appeal to connoisseurs of fine work and delicate ornament, as well as to the lovers of one-of-a-kind wearable art and understated luxury.

Size: height 5.5 cm, width – 5.4 cm (approx. 2 1/8 inch)
Removable silk necklace

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Ocean Collection … just because it is summer!

Ocean Collection

Ocean Collection

New needle lace Ocean Collection  of amulet pendants is inspired by ever changing appearance of the Ocean Park Beach.
Every morning is different as sky and water blend in mix of colours and shades and give the beach unique mood and purpose for each day.

Ocean Park Beach

Ocean Park Beach

I feel tremendous awe contemplating the endless variations that had graced this shore for millions of years and I am deeply grateful for each moment that I can be present to witness this natural wonder.

Ocean Collection is tiny offering to immensely huge Pacific Ocean and calm, receptive shores of the Turtle Island.

Ocean Collection Amulet Pendants are made in various materials – silver, enamelled copper, stainless steel and gold plated copper, with semiprecious stones.

Needle Lace Amulet Pendants are miniature pictures that capture a moment in time. They happen spontaneously, without planning or drafting, imagination triggered by a feeling rather than an idea. Needle lace technique supports instinctive flow of work beautifully, allowing free movement of threads in the frame-defined space. Lace is made from very fine wire – copper, silver, gold or stainless steel – and is built slowly, one stitch at the time.

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