Spring Blossoms, followed by Leaves

Registration is open for two upcoming workshops – one in needle lace in wire and one in bobbin lace in wire. The first one takes place on vernal equinox, and will be all about spring and blossoms… and love inspired creativity of course! Learn how to make delicate needle lace jewellery with beaded flowers in the workshop that is suitable for complete beginners as well as lacemakers with wire lace experience. The class project will lead students through all steps they need to know to create pendants of their own design – in colour variations of apple, quince or sakura blossoms. These pendants are lovely to wear and even better to share and give in a spirit of spring celebrations…spring blossoms - needle lace jewellery

Spring Blossoms – apples, quinces, sakuras – Needle Lace Jewellery #4


April workshop will follow the spring theme with leaves motif and will be in bobbin lace in wire. Leaves are a prominent design element in bobbin lace and some of them, especially the tallies, can pose challenge to new lacemakers. In wire lace, exploring foliage is exciting, because it is so much easier that negotiating tallies in thread. Lacemakers can have fun and create beautiful leaves of all shapes. In this workshop, focus will be on leaf tallies, plaited leaves and cloth-stitch leaves, that will grow along the way to create a wearable garland.

This workshop is suitable for beginners as well as experienced lacemakers, especially those who want to overcome lacemaker’s  leaf-phobia, and see that they can become prolific leaf growers.

Spring growth – leaves. leaves and more leaves! – Bobbin Lace in Wire #3



Two Hearts are more than One

2 hearts poster

Way of Lace and New School of Lace are collaborating to present original lace art to the Ocean Park community and are inviting neighbours, friends, friends of friends, art connoisseurs and lace lovers to an informal afternoon exhibition with a title “Two Hearts are more than One”. On display will be Lenka’s lace artworks – wall art, sculpture, and wearable art. The exhibition is concurrent with a lacemaking workshop, so visitors will be able to watch lacemakers at work and also view display of various lacemaking tools and and historical materials.

Theme of the exhibit aspires to compliment Valentine’s Day sentiment and reflect magic of love in life and art.

Lace Art Show and Workshop

Treat yourself to a double lace event on Valentine’s Day!

two hearts

Bobbin Lace in Wire Workshop #2 concurrent with a Lace Art Show will offer a special opportunity for students to see and learn from displayed lace art. Objets d’art – metal lace wall art, sculpture and wearable art – will offer an insight to possibilities of wire medium in handmade lace and motivate students to further their skills and free their imagination.

Lace Art Show is open to lacemakers, lace lovers, neighbours and friends from 11am to 4pm.
Bring your Valentine!