Spring EQUINOX 2022

Spring is here and all seeds know it. Winter hibernation over, it’s time to grow - not just upwards to light, but also to the depth of darkness, to establish new roots able to extract essential nutrients from the soil. Life on this planet needs both, the light and the darkness. If those two principles are, like on today’s equinox, in balance, the miracle of life is sustained. 
If this simple rule applies to plants that nourish us, humans, how can we be exempt from it? 
In the last two years, we had a plenty of opportunity to see the dark side of existence, and maybe there is more coming. Can we learn from the seeds and explore the shadows instead of giving in to fear? Do we have the strength to face the unknown and extract the valuable lessons in order to preserve the light? These are difficult questions and it might seem that lacemaker’s tool box is not adequate for the immense task on hand. But the history of lace proves otherwise: the pillows, pins and bobbins have been through this many times before, and survived. Our beloved lace, the most delicate of fabrics ever made, is still here today, as a testimony to undying human love, creativity and quest for beauty.  
On this equinox day, let’s reach far deep into history for strength and far ahead to future for motivation and unite both into life sustaining vigour conductive to progress in the present moment.

Keep grounded, keep the equilibrium and keep lacing.

One cross and one twist at a time. 

If wire lace leaf tallies happen to be part of your growth plan this spring,  the Seedlings Pattern and Tutorial  offers some helpful advice 🙂

Happy lacemaking to you all!

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