Freude! Joy!

Angebliches Taufhäubchen Beethovens (Alleged Baptismal Cap of Ludwig van Beethoven)

A man who was baptized on this day two hundred and fifty years ago wearing a cap with gold lace and curious embroidered motif once said: 

“He who understands my music will remain free from the miseries that the other men are dragging with them”. 

How right he was and how fortunate we are to inherit his immortal music! 
This year especially, it has brought a great joy to many people, when we needed it most. 

Thank you, Herr van Beethoven, for your courage and love, and your heavenly notes ! 
We are listening… and sometimes, maybe, sometimes we get a tiny glimpse of understanding…

Ludwig van Beethoven, baptised December 17, 1770 – ∞

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