Happy Canada Day 2020!

3 Comments on “Happy Canada Day 2020!

  1. What types of bobbin lace work cannot be replicated by a machine ?. I’m thinking about making heirloom gifts that would leave a legacy for family members and want the pieces to be beyond ‘mass production’ suspicion. Thank you.


    • That’s a good question. Anything that can be scanned – actual lace, photo, pattern drawing/pricking – can be reproduced by a machine. Machines are very clever now, and can replicate anything that is fed to them… I think the best bet is your own design – not published and not shared online. Made in the finest thread possible. Or, in case of wire lace, in silver or gold.

      Would be interesting to hear other ideas… Feel free to add your comment below.

      Happy lacemaking!


  2. how very lovely. thanks for sharing. i need to learn how to do those ground stitches.

    Hugs, Lin and the Mali

    On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 3:19 PM Lenka’s Way of Lace wrote:

    > WAYofLACE posted: “” >


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