New School of Lace Newsletter – Summer 2017

Hello sunny lacemakers and friends of the New School of Lace!

​Warm summer days are finally here, so let’s make use of long days and the abundance of natural light and make some beautiful lace!
But, before the holiday starts, let’s reflect on the New School of Lace third school year in Ocean Park: 9 intensive workshops, 100+ regular weekly classes, 5 public demonstrations, 3 lectures, 1 Wire Lace Manual, 3 Pattern and Tutorial publications, 1 International Event, and thousands of hours dedicated to the art and craft of handmade lace… Thank you all, who participated and made the events so enjoyable, fun and very rewarding. It is your success – through your work, fine craft of handmade has become richer and livelier. Together, we truly kept lace alive for another year, and years to come… Great work, A+ for everybody!!!
We have learned a lot, and all new skills should serve us well on our upcoming summer lace adventure.
Here are some events that shouln’t be missed:
  • June 21st – Summer Solstice

On the first day of summer – make a lace wish and a lace promise to celebrate the gifts of summer in a lacy way

  • June 25th – International Lace Day

Coordinate with your friends to make lace together somewhere in public space to show, share and attract more lacemakers

  • July 1st – Canada Day and a big 150th Birthday

Celebrate our young country’s small but vibrant lacemaking community! Connect with your lace friends accross the land and share your Canadian lace theme patterns and ideas.

Subscribe to the Canadian Lacemaker Gazette to support our dedicated lacemaking magazine, and its current editor Jocelyn Froese.
Visit the new Canadian Lacemaker Gazette website to find out about Canada Project 150!, get your special edition Canada Pin and do not forget to register in the Canada Registry of Lacemakers!
  • July is a lacemaking pillow month!

I have waited 8 months for good weather to make some more of my signature cookie pillows. Pillows are filled with fine sawdust (in my backyard 😉 and are perfect for wire lacemaking with long pins and large picot pins. They can be used for fibre lace as well. The pillows come in various sizes, from 16 – 22″ inches in diameter, in a price range $105-145.  If you need one, please let me know. Also, new Lenka’s Medium Bobbins for Wire Lace are in stock and will be added to my Wire Lace Supplies shop on Etsy soon. While visiting the shop, have a look at the Pattens and Tutorials and see if any of them could inspire your summer lacemaking projects 🙂

Join us for a workshop with a truly summer theme and learn how to preserve a delicate hummingbird flight in a delicate lace form. Make the Hummingbird pendants for your friends   to share and spread your love for the craft of lace.

If you have not heard about the lace|heart|art – 1st International Challenge and Online Exhibition of Handmade Lace in Colour,  visit our website find out all about it! Since lauching our new project on May 14th, we have received a huge response from international lace community (7000 views on Lace.Heart.Art facebook page, and counting!)

We are trying to reach the most lacemakers possible, so please share the info with all your lace friends. And most of all, please find time to participate in the challenge and make your lace|heart|art! The pattern is not complicated, so it should be possible to work even by beginners, yet it leaves enough space for experienced lacemakers to show off their technical and design skills! Get inspired and create you lace art in the shape of your heart!
  • Summer is for outdoor lace events and festivals
I will be making lace, showing lace art and promoting the New School of Lace in White Rock on nice sunny days. Artist Walk is a popular summer event for tourists as well as local art patrons, with fine art displays set up next to the White Rock Museum Plaza and alongside the west promenade. As many of you know, White Rock beach is quite beautiful and in summer time, the ocean view there is the best backdrop for any creative work 🙂  If you want to meet me there, and perhaps to bring your lace pillow along, let me know!
This year again, thanks to a talented lacemaker, fantastic artist and respected art organizer, Marina SzijARTo, and thanks to two most dedicated students, Angela Kikuchi and Donna Leong, the New School of Lace will be represented at the Richmond Maritime Festival on August 12-13. Stop by to say Hi! and enjoy the lace demos, displays, original lace jewellery sale, and all other activities and entertainment at this hugely popular festival in the historical Britannia Shipyards.
  • August – Wire Lace Bookmark Project

There will be no workshop in August, but we should work on the Bookmark Project, to have some samples ready for Back to School. If you are interested in participating, please let me know and I will keep you posted.

Have a great summer and make sure to fill it with lace!


ONGOING CLASSES IN FIBRE AND WIRE LACE are continuing in my studio through summer months and there is always space for more lace instruction.

New School of Lace also offers customized instruction for groups and individuals, in all techniques (wire and fibre) and design. Feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas; I will be happy to accommodate your requirements by setting up a class or workshop just for your needs.

If you have any questions about the workshops, and/or to register, please contact us by e-mail at laceaway  @  gmail  dot com or by phone at 778 . 288 . 0720

Happy summer lacemaking!

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