Workshop – Christmas Ornament – Nov 29, 2015

Festive time of house decorating and gift giving is here, and nothing serve the purpose better than handmade ornaments. They are more than just objects, because they contains a lot of positive energy of the person who made them with intension of making somebody else happy. And Christmas doesn’t get better than that – sharing happiness and love.

christmas ornament900

New School of Lace upcoming intensive workshop is offering variations on Christmas theme, which traditionally ispired numerous lace designs and patterns. Drawing on tradition, but encouraging originality, this workshop presents opportunity to compare two different lace techniques – needle lace and bobbin lace  –  when applied to a small scale ornament.

The workshop is designed for lacemakers who have taken any workshops or classes earlier this year, or who have previous experience in needle or bobbin lace in wire. Lacemakers will have the opportuity to practice basic stitches, as well as beading and finishing the piece as wearable art or decorative ornament.

The two designs can be used as a template for further variations, which could potentially lead to whole collections of handmade lace ornaments!


More information:
Bobbin Lace in Wire #7

Nedle Lace in Wire #2


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