New School of Lace

New School of Lace was established in 2014 in community of South Surrey, British Columbia. Main goal of the school is to promote interest in traditional craft of handmade lace through teaching, lecturing and exhibiting lace art. Word ‘new’ in the school’s name refers not only to event of spreading original European craft to the New World, but also points out unique potential of lace to enrich people’s lives in the new millennium.

School’s founder Lenka Suchanek – lacemaker, lace artist and lace teacher – has devoted more than thirty years to preserving fine craft of handmade lace and is passionate about keeping lacemaking alive in families, craft and art groups and communities, for generations to come. She envision fine craft of lace as valuable addition to balanced, creative lives of modern people who strive to realize Renaissance ideals of beauty and harmony, inherent in the delicate lace weave.

School’s mandate to be a part of sustainable community will inform courses, workshops and meetings that fulfill current needs, inspire possibilities and create potential for the future.


Memory of This World is Love - work in progress

Memory of This World is Love – work in progress

We welcome feedback and are open to ideas and collaborations!

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