Blossoms to wear… just because it is spring!

Sakura Amulet Pendants always appear in spring with cherry blossoms. We are very fortunate in Vancouver, BC, to have a huge variety of cherry trees in the streets and gardens, and it is a joy to go for a walk and soak in the the softness and gentleness of the blossoms. Every year, I am inspired to create Sakura Pendants, because I love to wear them. They remind me to to speak softly and to walk gently on this Earth.


Quince Blossom Amulet Pendants brightens the day as the real quince blossoms brighten the garden early in the spring. The unmistakable red colour buds scattered along dark branches attract all kinds of birds – and what a concert it is! Quince Blossom Pendants symbolize that vitality and joy, therefore they are hard to resist.

Needle Lace Amulet Pendants are miniature pictures that capture a moment in time. They happen spontaneously, without planning or drafting, imagination triggered by a feeling rather than an idea. Needle lace technique supports instinctive flow of work beautifully, allowing free movement of threads in the frame-defined space. Lace is made from very fine wire – copper, silver, gold or stainless steel – and is built slowly, one stitch at the time.

All pendants are available in WAYofLACE etsy store 

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