Earth Amulets

These amulets celebrate the Earth and our life on it. They remind us that we are interconnected with everything – air, water, stones, plants, other animals… and that we should strive to understand and accept our existence as a part of the whole living system.
The aim of each amulet is to hold the energy of a focal object, so it could be consciously received and directed by the wearer. Lace design follows simple rules of sacred geometry, guiding the concentration inwards or outwards. While the Amulets can be perceived as a beautiful jewellery, their main function lies in the realm of invisible.

Gaia Amulet
Material: Enamelled copper, turquoise, carnelian
Technique: Plaited lace with leaf tallies

Dark Earth Amulet
Material: Enamelled copper, serpentine, calcite
Technique: Plaited lace with leaf tallies

Wind Amulet
Material: Enamelled copper, peacock feather, swarovski crystals
Technique: Tape lace

Thunder Amulet
Material: Enamelled copper, 14kt gold, labradorite, onyx necklace
Technique: Free-form tape lace


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