Giving thanks to sun and lace

Counting blessings on the Thanksgiving Day, there are two worth special mentioning in my lace blog :

Sun and Lace

Summer on Canada’s West Coast was great this year. It started late, but then brought us beautiful weather that extended past the autumnal equinox. I could not have wished for better inspiration for my ongoing lace project.

The lace sculpture, last in the series of Offerings in reclaimed red cedar frames from the workshop of Colin Hamilton, has been at works for a long time. Like all previous Offerings, it is inspired by West Coast nature, and in a culmination of the theme, is dedicated to the divine harmony of the Mother Earth and Father Sun, which bestows and maintains all life on our planet.

Despite not being able to spent much time in my studio in those strange, chaotic times, I managed to slowly progress with the Earth elements of the piece. The rare moments at the lacemaking pillow were deeply grounding and calming. Like a reassuring embrace of Mother Earth, together with nod of understanding from the generations of past lacemakers, who lived through similar experiences, and were able to make magnificent lace despite all obstacles. 

When the soil and vegetation parts for the sculpture were finished. time has come to turn to Father Sun. But how does one do that, and is it even possible? As the divine harmony on earth needs both energies equally, there was no way around it. I had set out to find out this summer. Time was not on my side again, but the hours when I was able to take my pillow outside and play were so rewarding. The sun rays were warm and the natural light just amazing for the fine work. While trying to capture the brilliant shimmer in a weave of golden wires I realized that it was harder than I anticipated. I made one sample after another, testing patterns and winding more and more bobbins. It was slow, meticulous work, but I enjoyed every moment of it. What a bright, creative adventure! 

Only when the shadows on my pillow started to grow quite long, I found what I was looking for: a simple pattern that carries the light naturally and effortlessly. With the pattern finalized, I have the template for finishing the whole sun in the months to come. And I feel that after the amazing summer I have also enough energy stored in my body and soul to complete the final Offering.

So much to be thankful for!

Earth Amulets

These amulets celebrate the Earth and our life on it. They remind us that we are interconnected with everything – air, water, stones, plants, other animals… and that we should strive to understand and accept our existence as a part of the whole living system.
The aim of each amulet is to hold the energy of a focal object, so it could be consciously received and directed by the wearer. Lace design follows simple rules of sacred geometry, guiding the concentration inwards or outwards. While the Amulets can be perceived as a beautiful jewellery, their main function lies in the realm of invisible.

Gaia Amulet
Material: Enamelled copper, turquoise, carnelian
Technique: Plaited lace with leaf tallies

Dark Earth Amulet
Material: Enamelled copper, serpentine, calcite
Technique: Plaited lace with leaf tallies

Wind Amulet
Material: Enamelled copper, peacock feather, swarovski crystals
Technique: Tape lace

Thunder Amulet
Material: Enamelled copper, 14kt gold, labradorite, onyx necklace
Technique: Free-form tape lace


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