Spring Equinox 2023

Super Pink Moon Tonight

Everybody is looking for some magic, and the one coming from above never fails…

Pink Moon Pendant in fine and sterling silver, with rhodochrosite moon and rose quartz mist drops. This piece is quite old and I had to dig deep in my archive to find the photo. It brings back some good memories, and also a wish to create another one… will see what the Moon says tonight…

Enjoy the celestial spectacle and then come back for the opening of the 3rd lace|heart|art online exhibition of handmade bobbin lace in colour!

Lace well done…

Season wrap-up wire lace workshop is coming on Saturday, June 27, 2015. It will harness the fresh summer energy to finish projects we started in previous workshops, to improve, strengthen and grow our skills and most of all, to release the creative potential locked in lace. Bring your unfinished projects in wire bobbin or needle lace with your questions about techniques and finishing, bring your finished projects to show and share with others, and of course, bring your ideas for future lace designs. Be ready for learning, brainstorming and fun!

Detailed information and registration

lace well done poster






















Spring Growth – Leaves, leaves and more leaves

BLW3-poster April workshop follows the spring theme with leaf motif. Leaves have a special place in lace design. They are bold, prominent and quite beautiful. In fibre lace, the leaf tallies can be difficult to master, and because of that, they are often feared by new lacemakers. Wire medium is quite different, though, and suits perfectly to successful leaf-making.  Exploring foliage in wire lace is exciting, because the process is so much easier that negotiating tallies in thread. Lacemakers can relax, have fun and create beautiful leaves of all shapes. In this workshop, instruction will cover three kinds of leaves:  plaited leaves, leaf tallies and 3-pair leaves, as well as colour variations in leaf design and implementing leaf design in wearable lace jewellery.  With just two pairs of bobbins, lacemakers will create a seedling pendant, and add one more pair to start a vine that can grow into a necklace, bracelet or a garland ornament. This workshop is suitable for beginners, but is also open to experienced lacemakers, especially those who want to overcome lacemaker’s  leaf-phobia, and see that they can become happy and prolific leaf growers. Detailed information and registration

Genoese Scallop Pendant

Genoese Scallop Pendants are inspired by bold and beautiful patterns of the Genoese laces.
Lace made in Genoa was very popular in the Renaissance fashion. Wide scalloped patterns were firmly rooted in a sacred geometry of the early Renaissance, which gave them a mysterious strength and rare beauty. This was lace of choice for the famous standing and falling collars that supported many royal heads of the European courts of the 17th century.

Genoese lace is uniquely suited for original lace jewellery. The patterns, which did not loose any of their magic and still evoke a regal connection, bestow the quality of one-of-a-kind heirloom.

Material: Fine silver, gold plated with 24kt gold, with garnet (left) or fresh water pearls (right).

Gold Genoese Scallop Pendants

Gold Genoese Scallop Pendants

Material: Enamelled copper with onyx (left) or labradorite (right)

Black Genoese Scallop Pendant

Black Genoese Scallop Pendant

Material: Fine silver with watermelon tourmaline (left) or moonstone (right)

Silver Genoese Scallop Pendant

Silver Genoese Scallop Pendant

All but one in private collections.

Photography: Kenji Nagai

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