Lenka’s Way of Lace Newsletter 1/2018

The first 2018 Newsletter is here and it brings information about lace events that are planned for the next couple of months.

There is nothing better than lacemaking for the winter end months – especially if the projects are in warm tones (see Punto de España workshop) or downright spring colours (see Spring Meadow Egg Stand workshop).

Let’s make lace and get ready to celebrate the sun’s return 🙂


“Punto de España Pendant”

Saturday, February 10, 10;30 am – 5:30 pm
Ocean Park Community Hall, 1577 128th Street, Surrey, BC

One day creative workshop in bobbin lace in wire brings something very new. Traditional Spanish Point Lace (Punto de España) of the late Renaissance and Baroque times had been made in precious metal threads of silver and gold. Numerous royal portraits in major European art collections attest to popularity of this lace in fashion and interior design through centuries. Punto de España patterns are highly suitable for wire medium and offer endless inspiration for jewellery and art object design. This workshop, the first of the Spanish Point lace in the New School of Lace curriculum, offers an introduction to essential design elements of this fabulous technique.

Skill level: intermediate

Registration is still opened,  and a few seats available in this workshop. Please register ASAP.

“Spring Meadow Egg Stand”

Saturday, March 10, 10;30 am – 5:30 pm
Ocean Park Community Hall,1577 128th Street, Surrey, BC

This workshop is open to all levels. It will guide beginners and experienced lacemakers alike through the basics of cloth stitch weave to a spring meadow with fresh grass and delicate flowers. You will learn how to create a cheerful egg stand – a perfect Easter table decoration or a special gift for coming spring celebrations.Skill level: beginners and intermediate
Registration deadline: Friday, February 16th

Weekly classes are well on the way. All lacemakers are doing great, learning many kinds of lace – Idrija tape lace and torchon lace in fibre, point ground lace in fibre and wire, free form wire lace, and lace design in fibre and wire. Monday classes are all full, but there is always   possibility to open additional classes on other days, as long as three students agree on the same day and time.

Contact me by phone or email, or visit Weekly Classes page to find more information.


Deadline for the 1st International Challenge and Online Exhibition of Handmade Bobbin Lace in Colour is approaching. Entries are arriving from all over the world and we are looking forward to receiving more lace | heart | art by Wednesday, February 14th. Do not wait and send your entry now!

For more information, visit lace | heart | art page.



Lace by Lenka the Semiahmoo Library, in South Surrey, BC

Display featuring the New School of Lace will be in the library from February 3rd to March 15th.
Lacemaking demonstration is scheduled for Thursday, January 22nd, from 2 to 5 pm.

Library visitors will get a chance not only to learn about fine craft of lace, and see lacemaking demonstration, but also to win one of the original wire lace Bookworm Bookmarks in a contest!

If you are nearby, please drop in to see the lace display by the entrance door. For those of you who have never been to this library branch, here is a photo I took of the outside wall – it’s alive! And quite beautiful as it changes throughout the year.
Find more information on Surrey Libraries page.

I am happy to share the news that FibresWest 2018 accepted our proposal for a lecture titled

“Lace | Heart | Art : Barb’s Heart that inspired an International Lace Challenge”

A slide show presentation and talk will focus on place of traditional crafts in today’s society, and their capability to facilitate connecting, sharing and healing  in families and communities. Our message, perhaps needed now more than ever,  contributes to an important discussion about value of handwork and crafts for overall wellbeing and quality of life.
Saturday, March 24th, time to be confirmed.
Visit FibresWest website for more information.



New patterns are coming slowly, but surely. Stay tuned!

They will be soon added to my Wire Lace Supplies Etsy shop. To receive a notice about new listings, and occasional sales, subscribe to the Lenka’s Way of Lace News and select Interest: Wire Lace Supplies.

To register for classes and workshops, and to get answers to any questions you might have, please contact me by email at laceaway@gmail.com or by phone at 778 288 0720.
Happy lacemaking,

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New School of Lace 2018 Winter Classes and Workshops Schedule

Winter 2018 Schedule has been posted:  weekly classes and workshops in traditional Bobbin Lace in Fibre, contemporary Bobbin Lace in Wire, Needle Lace Jewellery, Lace Design and more…

Join the growing group of lacemakers in Ocean Park in British Columbia (Canada) and see what you can create! Here is a collage of 2017 students’ projects for your inspiration:

Looking forward to the new year filled with lace, fun and friendships!

Feel free to contact me by e-mail at laceaway at gmail dot com  or by phone at 778.288.0720 if you need more information or to register for upcoming classes and workshops.



2015 Schedule Update

New courses started already and workshops are scheduled for January, February and March… The list of activities is growing, and the ideas are shaping for the future. To accommodate the growth, I have reworked the website and gave New School of Lace bigger and better organized space, so all the information will be easier to find. Have a browse, and please let me know if you experience any difficulties with navigation.

Maybe you will get inspired to sign up for a class or two 🙂


Lacemaking Courses – Fall 2014

lacemaking classesLevel I – Bobbin Lace for Beginners – Adults / Teens

4-6 sessions – 2.5hrs each; some homework is recommended

Introduction to handmade bobbin lace covers the first steps in lacemaking, that are surprisingly easy. Just two basic moves open door to endless variety of patterns! Gradual instruction accommodates thorough understanding and promotes acquisition of good lacemaking habits. Each lacemaker gets individual attention and instruction takes in account different learning styles. Topics covered in the first course include: introduction to lacemaking tools and materials, winding thread on bobbins, basic steps of cross and twist, basic stitches – – cloth stitch, half stitch, whole stitch; footside and headside; braids and picots.
Finished class project can be framed as a lace picture or a special Christmas greeting card.

Bobbin Lace for Beginners

Location 1 – SOUTH SURREY ARTS CENTRE  (14601 – 20 Ave) – in collaboration with Semiahmoo Arts

Mondays : Nov 10, 17, 24 and Dec 1st, 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Cost: $150.00

Materials: Included
Tools: Lacemaking pillow and bobbins : $150.00*

Location 2 – OCEAN PARK COMMUNITY HALL   (1577 – 128 St)

Thursdays ongoing  11:30am – 1:30pm

Cost: $26.00 per session

Material: Included
Tools: Lacemaking pillow and bobbins : $150.00*

ocean park promo



By phone at 778 288 o72o

By e-mail at  laceaway  at  gmail  dot  com
Please send a request and I will e-mail  registration form to you.

Payment method:  Cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX


 Special Offer: 2 for 1

2 Generations Mixed Class – 2 for 1  ( Child + Adult )  Level I – Bobbin Lace for Beginners 

Lacemaking craft belongs to families, and is a lot of fun when shared and enjoyed together. This promotion is designed to encourage two generation double teams to take up lacemaking together: mother-daughter, grandma-granddaughter, aunt-niece,  or even friends and neighbours – as long as they are a generation apart. Even the equipment can be shared, or each team member can get own kit.

Let’s learn lacemaking together!

Introduction to handmade bobbin lace covers the first steps in lacemaking, that are surprisingly easy. Gradual instruction promotes thorough understanding and acquiring good lacemaking habits. Finished class project can be framed as a lace picture or a special Christmas greeting card.

5 sessions – 2 hrs each – total 10 hrs, some homework is recommended

Location – SOUTH SURREY ARTS CENTRE  (14601 – 20 Ave) – in collaboration with Semiahmoo Arts

Date & Time : TBA

Cost: $150.00   SPECIAL OFFER: 2 for 1 / $75.00 per person**

Materials: included
Tools: Lacemaking pillow and bobbins : $150.00*



Lacemaking kit for beginners consist of lacemaking pillow, lacemaking bobbins, 2 cover cloths, pins, lacemaking thread, and a carry bag. All tools are good quality, imported from Europe or made locally. The pillow and bobbins will last and accommodate many lacemaking projects.

Payment for the tools is required with registration.

If you decide not to pursue lacemaking further after completing the first course, you can return the kit, and if it is in good condition, I will refund 80% of the original cost. That way, you just paid $30.00 rental fee for the equipment. I believe in fair trade and sustainability and I feel this arrangement promotes responsible use of resources.