Bohemian memento

As a lacemaker, who thinks and creates mostly in monochrome, two-dimensional plane, I am always totally amazed how classical music fills the entire space with colours and emotions, and how masterfully it evokes memories and conveys love…

Music, like all other creations, starts as an idea in the head of a single man, who despite all odds, puts it on lined paper to record it for himself, others, and sometimes for posterity. Played by a group of people with curious instruments who have forsaken well paid careers to play notes, the music becomes alive and has the power to move men and mountains. When the sound dissolves into waves which will keep traveling to the edge of the universe, those men – and mountains – will never be the same…

I feel so priviledged to live in times when culture is abundant and great classical musical performances  are available either live or recorded. I find a lot of pleasure and inspiration in them.

This month, we are remembering birthdays of several musical geniuses, including two of my favourite Czech (Bohemian) composers: 

Vítězslav Novák, born December 5, 1870 – 

Bohuslav Martinů, born December 8, 1890 – ∞

According to my understanding of life and death, they became immortal…


Humbly, I offer an image of one of my early works,  called in the Czech language “Mezi nebem a zemí”. It  by no means compares to the towering art of my birth country compatriots, but at least it expresses a little bit what music means to that small nation in the middle of Europe.