Bobbin Lace in Wire #0

Workshop: Flower Earrings – Bobbin Lace in Wire for Beginners
Date: Saturday, April 27,  2019, 10:30am -5:30pm
Location: Ocean Park, South Surrey, BC


Wire, beads, earring loops, working templates and printed instructions will be ready in the class at no additional cost.

Student lacemaking pillow, special bobbins for wire lace and pins will be provided to each student for use in the class at no cost. Kits will be available for purchase after the workshop at $75.00

Lace made from simple braids is the easiest lace to learn, because everybody already knows how to make a braid! And that’s also how bobbin lace started – from braiding – more than 500 years ago. Braid work contains all basic stitches of bobbin lace, and and those basic stitches can make some very interesting lace, and are especially well suited for lacemaking with fine wire. Flower earrings were designed specifically for new lacemakers, to introduce them to bobbin lace technique in fun, engaging class. The Flower Earring pattern requires only four pairs of special lacemaking bobbins, therefore it is easy to understand and allows students to get used to new tools. Students learn gradually and are able to finish their first earring in the class. This project is also interesting for lacemakers who already know the stitches, and want to learn how to work with wire. Instruction covers: winding bobbins, starting, basic moves, basic stitches, adding beads, finishing ends, finishing lace as jewellery.

Workshop fee: $120 + $5 for materials (cash, cheque, or credit cards)

Registration deadline: March 31, 2019

For mor information and to register, please contact me at 778-288-0720 or by e-mail at

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