2nd Online Exhibition 2019

We are pleased to open the 2nd lace|heart|art online exhibition of handmade bobbin lace in colour. 

For this edition, we found inspiration in photographs of Barbara Jean Jones – our dear friend, beloved daughter and a fellow lacemaker – to whose memory is the exhibition dedicated.

We challenged lacemakers to envision flowers growing form a loving heart, to draw them with lace stitches and fill them with colours. The simple heart outline, supplied by the New School of Lace, set up the framework and provided open space for lacemakers’ imagination and creative interpretation of the theme.

Lace|heart|art entries arrived from all over the world (10 countries on 4 continents) to compete in three categories: Fibre Lace (12), Wire Lace (6), Young Lacemakers (4).  Lacemakers of all ages and skill levels participated. All lacemakers fulfilled the proposition of the challenge to focus on creative use of colours. In their hands, the simple heart pattern was transformed into original art, in affirmation of the exceptional creative potential of bobbin lace techniques. The jury had a difficult, but rewarding task of studying each heart in detail and selecting winning entries.

It is with a great pleasure that we present the results. We are especially thrilled that the overall Grand Prize of the 2nd lace|heart|art international challenge has been awarded to a lacemaker competing in the Young Lacemakers category.

Today, Barbara would be 32 years old. We would love to wish her Happy Birthday, but since it is not possible, we find solace and joy in the hearts created in her memory. In every one of them, we find something that reminds us of her smile, creativity and enthusiasm for bobbin lace. Like threads in an elaborate lace weave, we are all connected, and our shared love for fine lacemaking craft helps us to accept joys as well as sorrows that are all part of life.

We are sending our heartfelt thanks to all participants without whom this exhibition would not be possible:
We appreciate your interest, time, and most of all, the love that you have put in your work. Your lace blossomed into beautiful art!

We congratulate the winners of the 2nd lace|heart|art International Challenge:
It is our pleasure to introduce your work to the worldwide audience as a fine example of vibrant, living, contemporary lace art.  We hope that your success, together with colourful prizes form our generous sponsors, Barkonie s.r.o. and Wire Lace Supplies, will inspire many new exiting lace projects!

lace|heart|art team: Wendy MacKinnon, Lenka Suchanek, Pat Wrigley
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
April 8th, 2019, in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Please welcome to the 2nd lace|heart|art online exhibition 2019!


  • Luciana Yamila Vallejos (b. 1991), Argentina


  • FIRST PRIZE         Laura Stanovnik  (b. 2007),  Slovenia
  • SECOND PRIZE   Nikola Vítková (b.2006), Czech Republic   
  • THIRD PRIZE       Petra Janouchová (b. 2007), Czech Republic


  • FIRST PRIZE        Mireille Basiez, France
  • SECOND PRIZE   Zanna Antonova, Australia
  • THIRD PRIZE       Marcela Berrío Vélez, Spain


  • FIRST PRIZE        Jane Fullman, United Kingdom
  • SECOND PRIZE   Lindy de Wijn, Australia
  • THIRD PRIZE       Ilona Kryštofová, Czech Republic
  • THIRD PRIZE       Donna Leong, Canada

Online Exhibition will display in a slideshow. You can stop it anytime by clicking on PAUSE symbol in the middle, and advance manually back and forth with side arrows. Double-click to enlarge the photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Prizes for winners of Young Lacemakers and Fibre categories, as well as Grand Prize are provided by Barkonie s.r.o. (Czech Republic).
Prizes for winners of Wire Lace category, as well as Grand Prize are provided by Wire Lace Supplies (Canada).

Grand Prize 
Selection of linen, cotton and metallic threads, 4 colour card books from Barkonie s.r.o.
Set of 25 mini-spools of enamelled copper wire, 20 Lenka’s medium bobbins for wire lace
Value CA$300

Young Lacemakers
1st Prize 
Selection of linen, cotton and metallic threads, 4 colour card books from Barkonie s.r.o. Value CA$225
2nd Prize
 Selection of linen, cotton and metallic threads, 4 colour card books from Barkonie s.r.o. Value CA$180
3rd Prize 
Selection of linen, cotton and metallic threads, 4 colour card books from Barkonie s.r.o. Value CA$150

Fibre Category
1st Prize 
Selection of linen, cotton and metallic threads, 4 colour card books from Barkonie s.r.o.  Value CA$225
2nd Prize 
Selection of linen, cotton and metallic threads, 4 colour card books from Barkonie s.r.o. Value CA$180
3rd Prize 
Selection of linen, cotton and metallic threads, 4 colour card card books from Barkonie s.r.o. Value CA$150

Wire Category
1st Prize 
Set of 25 large spools of enamelled copper wire for lacemaking. Value CA$225
2nd Prize
Set of 25 medium spools of enamelled copper wire for lacemaking. Value CA$175
3rd  Prize 
Set of  25 mini spools of enamelled copper wire for lacemaking, Lenka’s Medium bobbins.Value CA$150

Thank you for visiting!

Please share and spread the word about this special handmade lace event.

If you would like to contribute to the future lace|heart|art challenges, you can do so here. We appreciate any donation, as they help us to continue supporting fine lacemaking craft and keeping it alive for future generations.

Free lace|heart|art patterns

If you feel inspired by wonderful heart art in this exhibition, you can make your own.
Free pattern, instructions  and support materials are available for download:
1st lace|heart|art challenge prospectus
2nd lace|heart|art challenge prospectus

If you want to be notified when the 3rd lace|heart|art international challenge is announce, follow this website or subscribe to Lenka’s Way of Lace News. The patterns are free and there is no registration fee.

Story of Barb’s Heart

Barbara and her mom, Pat, were among the first students who signed up for Adult Bobbin Lace course offered by the New School of Lace, back in 2014. Barb was the youngest in the class, and she came in with youthful energy and an open mind, eager to learn… read the whole story here


5 Comments on “2nd Online Exhibition 2019

  1. J’ai reçu aujourd’hui ma récompense: plein de fils pour denteler…..Que du bonheur.
    Grand merci à vous.

    I received today my reward: full of threads for lace ….. What happiness.
    Many thanks to you.


  2. A pesar de haber sabido hace poco que existía un hermoso arte llamado encaje de bolillos, a mis 56 años he decidido iniciar el aprendizaje, no me ha sido fácil porque aquí en Colombia no es muy conocido el tema, por lo que tampoco se encuentran los materiales ni elementos para su ejecución; muchas preguntas, muchas visitas y finalmente en la web, encontré almas generosas que comparten sus conocimientos y yo lo he aprovechado al máximo, mi humilde opinión, es un trabajo muy hermoso el que ustedes hacen, para seguir conservando el encaje de bolillos; Mis Felicitaciones, al igual que para todos los participantes, los trabajos : verdaderas obras de arte y su labor, absolutamente admirable, espero muy pronto, tener el nivel para poder participar.
    Cordialmente: un admirador fascinado con la exposición.

    Despite having recently known that there was a beautiful art called bobbin lace, at 56 years of age I have decided to start learning, it has not been easy for me because here in Colombia the subject is not well known, so neither are materials or elements for its execution; many questions, many visits and finally on the web, I found generous souls who share their knowledge and I have used it to the fullest, my humble opinion, it is a very beautiful job that you do, to keep retaining the bobbin lace; My Congratulations, as well as for all the participants, the works: true works of art and their work, absolutely admirable, I hope very soon, to have the level to participate.
    Cordially: an admirer fascinated with the exhibition.
    (translated by google)


    • Hello admirer from Columbia,
      Thank you for your kind words 🙂 We are happy that you found inspiration in the lace|heart|art exhibition, and we look forward to receiving your entry in the next challenge! We encourage all lacemakers, including beginners, to participate. The lace work does not have to be perfect, we accept each entry as long as it comes from lacemaker’s heart!
      lace|heart|art team

      Hola admirador de Colombia,
      Gracias por sus amables palabras 🙂 Nos alegra que haya encontrado inspiración en el encaje | corazon Exposición de arte, y esperamos recibir su entrada en el próximo desafío. Animamos a todos los lacemakers, incluidos los principiantes, a participar. El trabajo de encaje no tiene que ser perfecto, aceptamos cada entrada siempre que provenga del corazón de encajera.


  3. This online exhibit was ALMOST as good as being there! Some of those leaves were just perfect. I am a member of the Lost Art Lacers of North Jersey and create a lot of lace, both tatting and bobbin lace, at times combined, presently working towards 300 hankies in my personal collection of hand made lace. Learned to tat while serving in the Peace Corps in southern Chile from 1966 – 1968 and have not stopped tatting since. Thank you so much for the online exhibit — so many lacers can view it and dream!
    Susan Keenan, Blairstown, New Jersey


    • Thank you, Susan, for visiting and sharing your thoughts! We appreciate your kind words. And agree about those leaves… only a lacemaker knows how much skill is required for the tallies, and it is a joy to see them mastered to perfection…
      Happy lacemaking and lace dreaming!
      lace|heart|art team


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