Needle Lace in Wire #2

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Workshop: “Christmas Ornament” 
Date: November 13, 2016
Time: 10:30am-5:30pm
Ocean Park Community Hall
1577 128 Street, Surrey, BC

Course and materials fee:   $120.00 + $5.00 – 10.00

New School of Lace upcoming intensive workshop is offering variations on Christmas theme, which traditionally ispired numerous lace designs and patterns. Drawing on tradition, but encouraging originality, this workshop presents opportunity to compare two different lace techniques – needle lace and bobbin lace  –  when applied to a small scale ornament.

The workshop is designed for lacemakers who have taken any workshops or classes earlier this year, or who have previous experience in needle or bobbin lace in wire. Lacemakers will have the opportuity to practice basic stitches, as well as beading and finishing the piece as wearable art or decorative ornament.

The two designs can be used as a template for further variations, which could potentially lead to whole collections of handmade lace ornaments!

This workshop is not suitable for complete beginners.
Basic experience with wire lace  (any previous New School of Lace workshops or courses) or previous lacemaking experience in fibre (familiarity with basic stitches – braid, picots) is required.

Instruction will cover:
Single, double and triple buttonhole stitch;  beading; finishing lace as wearable art.

Class project: Plaited lace ornament with beads in gold-plated jewellery frame

Bring your own lacemaking pillow (cookie or bolster). Please let me know in advance if you need to borrow or buy any tools.
Jeweller’s cutters and pliers helpfull.

Material: enamelled copper wire 0.2mm (AWG32)  – bring your own or available in class

Information and registration:

Contact Lenka at  778 . 288 . 0720  or by e-mail at  laceaway  at  gmail  dot  com
Please send a request and I will e-mail  registration form to you.

Payment method:  Cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX

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