Bobbin Lace in Wire #8



Workshop: “Sparkle!” 

Date: January 14, 2017


Inspired by winter sky and earth, Sparkle! intensive workshop follows twinkle of stars and frozen crystals to discover lace patterns in our worlds, close and far, and find in them inspiration for creative expression. Lace is an open weave technique with and hen it is made in wire, it becomes a plastic art.
Sparkle 2017!  opens door to an amazing world of 3-D lace in wire. Instruction is designed for beginners as well as lacemakers who have previous experience in bobbin lace in wire, especially those interested in to creating their own designs. Lacemakers will have the opportunity to learn how to convert a simple braid pattern into a miniature sculpture. Instruction will also cover beading and finishing the piece as wearable art or decorative ornament.

One lace pattern will be finished in two diferrent shapes to demonstrate the potential of spacial lace design. Creative variation on the sparkle theme will be encouraged!

The workshop is be suitable for complete beginners, but lacemakers with experience will not be bored, I promise!
Instruction will cover:
Basic stitches; braids, picots, beaded gimp,  finishing lace as wearable art.

Class project: Helix and Hoop Earrings with crystals

Bring your own lacemaking pillow (cookie or bolster) and 6 pairs of bobbins (Medium of Fine). Student kits will be available in class for beginners –  please let me know in advance if you need to borrow or buy any tools.

Material:  coloured copper wire 0.2mm (AWG32) and 0.7mm, crystals 3-4mm, seed beads – bring your own or available in class

Workshop fee: $125.00 + 10.00 for materials

Information and registration:

Contact Lenka at  778 . 288 . 0720  or by e-mail at  laceaway  at  gmail  dot  com
Please send a request and I will e-mail  registration form to you.

Payment method:  Cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX

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