Wire Lace Supplies and Patterns

Wire Lace Supplies

Lenka’s Wire Lace Supplies shop on Etsy caters to the needs of adventurous lacemakers, spirited artists, passionate jewellers and one-of-a-kind fashion designers. If you are inspired to learn making bobbin and needle lace with wire, you need good tools and good materials to make your effort worthwhile. And that is exactly what the shop strives to provide – specialized lacemaking bobbins, pillows and accessories, and high grade wires for lace art, sculpture and jewellery.  To receive updates about new products, add Wire Lace Supplies to your Etsy favorites, or subscribe to emailed Wire Lace Supplies News here.

New School of Lace PATTERNS and TUTORIALS for WIRE LACE:
Designed and written by Lenka Suchanek

“Wire Lacework: Lenka’s Introduction to Bobbin Lace in Wire”
Handmade bobbin lace is a rare textile technique that accommodates fibre as well as metal medium. Most lacemakers are familiar with the prevalent fibre form. This manual endeavours to introduce a lesser known wire lace techniques to a wider audience.

Pattern & Tutorial #001 – Flower Earrings
Introduction to  following techniques: Plaits (braids), picots, windmill crossings, joining plaits, finishing. These are essential building blocks for plaited laces (also called braided laces), and guipures, such as Cluny, Maltese or Bedfordshire lace.

Required Bobbin Lace Skills :  Familiarity with Cross and Twist
Skill level: 1

Pattern & Tutorial #002 – Half Stitch Leaf 

Half stitch is an essential building block in wire lace. Wire effectively supports open half stitch weave, showing off the pattern intricacy. An effect of flowing diagonal and horizontal lines plays out especially well in colours.

Required Bobbin Lace Skills :  Familiarity with Cross and Twist
Skill level: 1
Pairs: 6

Pattern & Tutorial #003 – Seedlings

Wire is a wonderful material for tally making. It is easy to use, shapes and holds well and creates three-dimensional, attractive tallies. The tallies made in wire are also perfectly stable, and unlike fibre tallies, do not distort in the weaving process or after. Therefore, the leaf tallies are very popular in wire lace and are implemented in many patterns and lace jewellery designs. SEEDLING PENDANT shows simple but effective use of leaf tallies. Instruction covers: Leaf tallies, joining leaves to plaits, working with colours, finishing.
Required Bobbin Lace Skills :  Familiarity with Cross and Twist
Skill level: 1
Pairs: 2

Pattern & Tutorial #004 – Snail
Cloth stitch weave is a basic building block in bobbin lace. It is often the first thing that new lacemakers learn, before advancing to more complex architecture of the holes. Cloth stitch forms a backbone of many lace patterns. It provides contrast in the open weave and strength to the lace edges.


In wire lace, cloth stitch poses a certain challenge, which is caused by characteristics of the material. Compared to soft and pliable threads wire is hard and rigid. Threads can sit very close to each other and create a dense, solid weave. In wire lace, the same stitches need much more space, because wires, even in fine gauges, do not want to snuggle. When lacemakers work for the first time with wire and come across this disappointing behaviour, they get discouraged. If it’s not possible to make a plain cloth stitch, they might think, how can wire work for lace at all?

I like cloth stitch in lace, and I like wire as well, and I did not want to give up either. I found a method to accommodate the material, and I am happy to share it with you. This tutorial explains various techniques which lead to a beautiful, dense and even cloth stitch weave in wire lace.

The Snail motif was chosen purposefully for this exercise. Not only does the pattern feature a long tape for practicing the stitches, but it also provides a secret hiding place for any uneven, not perfectly tensioned stitches. They are bound to happen when you are learning a new technique, and it applies doubly for wire lace. When the lace tape is finished, it is rolled into a spiral to create the snail’s shell. So if there are any imperfections in lace, they are safely hidden inside the cosy house. And the happy Snail is not in the least perturbed by it!

Instruction covers: Cloth (Linen) Stitch and Whole Stitch
Required Bobbin Lace Skills :  Familiarity with Cross and Twist
Skill level: 1
Pairs: 12

Pattern & Tutorial #11 – Chicken Egg Stand

Pattern #11: CHICKEN EGG STAND is popular not only for spring celebrations, but the egg holder can be used as decoration all year around. It is one of those charming little gifts that bring about big smiles.

Required Wire Bobbin Lace Skills :
Plaits and Windmills (PT 001), Half Stitch (PT 002), Leaf Tallies and Sewings (PT 003)
Skill level: 1
Pairs: 5


Fine Bobbin – in hard maple or rosewood

This is a bobbin for very fine lace work, such as lace jewellery with precious metals, or delicate lace art with enamelled copper or stainless steel wires.
The fine bobbin was designed from scratch with an aim to provide a precision tool needed for high-end work. It caters to the needs of very fine wire, as well as fine lacemaker, and is therefore excellent for Point Ground laces such as Bucks or Chantilly, fine guipures and delicate free form weaves.

Designed by Lenka Suchanek
Made in Belgium by a master bobbin maker Jan De Maertelaere, who produces the best lacemaking bobbins in the world. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Jan on development of this bobbin, and witness his skills and knowledge, as well as his dedication to the bobbin turning craft. I will never forget his comment, when my bobbin was finally close to fulfilling all technical aspects on my list, Jan said (with a smile): “Do not forget, that each lace bobbin must be not only functional, but also beautiful.”
I think that the Fine Bobbin for Wire Lace meets that criteria.

Medium Bobbin – with pointed or cut end

The Medium Bobbin is a versatile medium size bobbin for variety of wire lace projects from lace art and sculpture to wearable art. It is designed for work with enamelled copper, steel and bronze. Highly functional all-around tool, this bobbin is recommended for all lacemakers. It serves especially well for transitioning from fibre to wire lacework, because it accommodates palms down technique and tensioning style. It works equally well for palms up technique, which I recommend for wire work. The Medium bobbin is good for complete beginners, because it is very easy to use. Intermediate and experienced lacemakers, who explore different aspects of wire lace, will benefit from the bobbin’s adaptibility to many materials of various sizes: it works well wound with a single wire, a double wire, and even facilitate multiple strand or beaded gimp.

Medium and large bobbins are made in Spain form traditional boxwood.
Design modification for wire lace use by Lenka Suchanek.

Large Bobbin
This is bobbin for large scale projects, and it is therefore the best choice for oversized lace art and sculpture made from copper, bronze or steel. Bobbin accommodates stranded or braided wires as well as a single thick wire. It can be also used as a gimp bobbin in small to medium scale work.

Extra long bobbin
This is a gimp bobbin for large scale work. It can carry multi stranded or braided wire, thick wire, pre-knitted tubes, paper strips, twine or rope, roots, raffia, ribbons, silicon tubes, or any other materials to be woven into wire lace.
*It is also a great bobbin for making wool or silk lace shawls*


Enamelled Copper
Metal Colours Finish Copper
Silver Plated Non-tarnish
Gold Plated 
Stainless Steel


Block pillow – 16″x 20″ or 20″x 20″
Round pillow – 16″, 18″, 20″, 22′ and 24″
Student pillow
Bolster pillow

The pillows are available for New School of Lace Students and occasionally online in the WireLaceSupplies store on Etsy


Wire Lace Kit for Beginners

The kit includes:
* Student lacemaking pillow with a cover cloth
* Lenka’s Bobbins for Wire Lace – MEDIUM with CUT ENDS – 8 or 12 pairs (your choice)
* Wire lace pins : extra long pins (20gr), large picot pins (20gr)
* Support pins: 3 corsage pins, 6 glass head pins
* Metal crochet hook, compatible with wire size 0.2mm (AWG 32)
* Metal nudge tool
* Bamboo wood nudge tool
* 2 metal clips
* 2 soft wood clips
* 1 spool of enamelled copper wire – 175m, size 0.2mm (approx.195 yds, AWG 32)

The pillows are available for New School of Lace Students and occasionally online in the WireLaceSupplies store on Etsy

Please visit the WireLaceSupplies shop on Etsy for current prices and additional information.

To receive updates about new products, add Wire Lace Supplies to your Etsy favorites, or subscribe to emailed Wire Lace Supplies News here.

Happy shopping and happy lacemaking!

12 Comments on “Wire Lace Supplies and Patterns

  1. Hola, Lenka!!!.
    Me gustaría saber si tendrás disponible el patrón del pollito con el huevo en breve. Quiero comprarlo….
    Un saludo afectuoso.


    • Hello, Lenka !!!
      I would like to know if you will have the chick pattern available with the egg shortly. I want to buy it….

      Hello Concha,
      I am working on it right now. Will let you know when it’s ready 🙂


  2. Fantástica compra en la tienda de Lenka, ha llegado el envío antes de lo previsto, y el material es estupendo.
    Su libro es maravilloso, con explicaciones claras y muy didactico.
    Muchas gracias Lenka, felices fiestas y un 2018 lleno de éxitos!!!
    Un saludo afectuoso.


  3. Your patterns are wonderful. They are very clear and the photo are a real plus. When are B003 and B004 patterns going to be released. Please let me know.


  4. Hallo Lenka, Please can I buy the pattern of the wire chicken with egg?


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